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  1. Jan 2019
    1. And from a charting perspective, by being able to argue both cases, there were signs or indications it was going down. But long story short, the person was using and volume indications from a global standpoint that actually know which countries were on board, at least from a volume standpoint of where the direction of quite would like we'd go. So that was a data point that is normal. Charting would not have told you there was not an creating your energy. That was the main indicator that kept them, uh, from Hong Kong and they actually look to shorten that position and we're going to have to capitalize well. So if they're doing or whether it's trade.



  2. Jan 2016
    1. Below I list a few advantages and drawbacks of anonymity where I assume that a drawback of anonymous review is an advantage of identified review and vice versa. Drawbacks Reviewers do not get credit for their work. They cannot, for example, reference particular reviews in their CVs as they can with publications. It is relatively “easy” for a reviewer to provide unnecessarily blunt or harsh critique. It is difficult to guess if the reviewer has any conflict of interest with the authors by being, for example, a competing researcher interested in stalling the paper’s publication. Advantages Reviewers do not have to fear “payback” for an unfavourable review that is perceived as unfair by the authors of the work. Some (perhaps especially “high-profile” senior faculty members) reviewers might find it difficult to find the time to provide as thorough a review as they would ideally like to, yet would still like to contribute and can perhaps provide valuable experienced insight. They can do so without putting their reputation on the line.