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  1. Mar 2024
    1. The most important portion of the face of the card is the left uppercorner, and this place should always be reserved for the subjectof the register.



  2. Jan 2024
    1. This news article follows the understandable principle, in that it does not contain long, unbroken text passages or cluttered visual design. This prevents individuals living with dyslexia and ADHD struggling to interpret this news article.

    1. Some frameworks call this “template inheritance”. In this example, we might say that the application layout “inherits from” or “extends” the base layout. In Rails, this is known as nested layouts, and it is a bit awkward to use. The standard Rails practice for nested layouts is complicated and involves these considerations
    2. But what if you want to reuse one layout within another?
    3. Here’s my common practice: Every page in the app needs the standard HTML boilerplate with my common stylesheets and JavaScripts. I need a layout that provides these, but makes no assumptions on the actual body of the page. This is my “base” layout. Most – but not all – pages in the app need a common header and footer. This is my “application” (default) layout. I’d like the application layout to reuse the base layout to keep my code DRY.
  3. Dec 2023
    1. Use HStack to lay out views in a horizontal line, VStack to position views in a vertical line, and ZStack to layer views on top of one another. Then, combine stack views to compose more complex layouts. These three kinds of stacks, along with their alignment and spacing properties, view modifiers, and Spacer views combine to allow extensive layout flexibility.
  4. Oct 2023
    1. Similar to other power management devices, whenlaying out the PCB it is important to use star grounding techniques and to keep filter and high frequency bypasscapacitors as close to device pins and ground as possible. To minimize the possibility of interference caused bymagnetic coupling from the boost inductor, the device should be located at least 1 inch away from the boostinductor. TI recommends the device not be placed underneath magnetic elements

      layout guidelines

  5. May 2023
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    1. shu

      persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution

    2. rhyme schemes every other verse, such as "way" and "stay", as well as "cheer" and "near". this carries throughout the whole poem

    3. wilful

      having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects.

    4. Murderedin0brutal we

      many literary genres do not use such gore as "robbed and murdered", "skull smashed to pieces", and "murdered in a brutal way".

    5. Whorobbedandmurderedthepooroldman,YaBibseyvillageinLincolnshire.

      restates what has already been said before in the ballad (repetition in a poem/reinforcing the main points or most important parts?)

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    1. fixed: With this value, the table’s layout ignores the content and instead uses the table’s width, any specified width of columns, and border and cell spacing values. The column values used are based on widths defined on columns or cells for the first row of the table
  12. Nov 2020
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    1. Keyboard layout agnostic. Maps to physical keys, but displays with the US layout.
  14. Jan 2020
    1. Standard fare. User joins to other things like author profiles too, but those aren’t relevant here.

      Interesting layout/design: 2 columns with commentary on right column. Don't see this often, but it can certainly work well.

      Also like the horizontal lines.

      Shame this site is no longer around.

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    1. New York-based startup Tastemakers has raised a $1 million seed-round — led by Precursor Ventures — for its business that connects Africa adventures to global consumers.

      The first sentence states the main idea, so basically what the rest of the reading is going to be about

  17. Aug 2019
    1. In other cases, where guards are impractical and insulation is more appropriate, the insulation is applied only to the piping that is within 7 ft (2.1 m) of the ground or platform in high risk areas.

      As per PIP INEG1000 Insulation Design Guide Section 7.2.

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    1. Keywords:

      You've included Keywords but these should go after the abstract

  23. Oct 2016
    1. The design and the way courses are structured can be vital factors that are associated with students’ motiva-tion and positive/negative experiences of learning online.