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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Ben: I didn't want to waste two years. So, they deported me, I asked the judge to sign, and I signed and that same evening I was on the bus to Lorado, caught a bus to Saltillo, , and then this was a day before Thanksgiving, when I arrived in Mexico. And then I stayed there in Saltillo up through December, through Christmas. Christmas my parents came to visit, and my girlfriend had come to visit too, my girlfriend had come to visit around Christmas and then they left.Anne: They were all citizens?Ben: Yeah. And then we had plans to get married and my girlfriend, she was willing to come live here, give everything up in the states and live here, even though she's a citizen. So, I said, "Well if you really feel strongly then come on.” So, she came to Mexico and when she arrived here in Mexico, I went to pick her up at the border, she came on the bus right across from Eagle Path. So, I met her there and then brought her back to my family's house.Ben: Then we get there and we're there—and then my parents had arrived there too—and she goes, "When are we heading back?" because she thought we were going to Saltillo, because I told her it's a big city, better opportunities there. I go, "Oh we're not going to Saltillo.” She goes, "Well where are we going?" I go, "You think I'm going to sit here and years later we're going to be worried about our kids, where they're at, because you know they're not going to stay put here. They're going to jump that border.” And I go, "So what are we going to do?" "Well I'm going to take that risk right now, I'm going to jump it right now.” She goes, "No you can't.” I go, "You watch me. Let's go, we're leaving tomorrow".

      Leaving the US, ICE, Deportation; Return to Mexico, Family Relationships, Reunification

  2. Jun 2021
    1. That was it. I still got the paper. I got all my voluntary departure, everything.

      Leaving the US - voluntary departure - Separation from family Feeling like a burden to his family

  3. Mar 2021
  4. Feb 2021
    1. While Trailblazer offers you abstraction layers for all aspects of Ruby On Rails, it does not missionize you. Wherever you want, you may fall back to the "Rails Way" with fat models, monolithic controllers, global helpers, etc. This is not a bad thing, but allows you to step-wise introduce Trailblazer's encapsulation in your app without having to rewrite it.
  5. Sep 2020
  6. Apr 2020
    1. Devise-Two-Factor only worries about the backend, leaving the details of the integration up to you. This means that you're responsible for building the UI that drives the gem. While there is an example Rails application included in the gem, it is important to remember that this gem is intentionally very open-ended, and you should build a user experience which fits your individual application.