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  1. Nov 2023
    1. when we're being we're talking across difference is to stand in the other person's standpoint it's to ask the other person in three separate ways in three 00:30:13 different kinds what am I missing here tell me more about your point of view tell me more tell me more tell me more and if you ask them three or four times in different ways you'll be astonished how the third and fourth answer is 00:30:25 deeper richer and more complicated than the first first answer
      • for: effective communications - in polarized situations
  2. Jul 2022
  3. Aug 2020
  4. Jul 2020
  5. Mar 2020
    1. It’s perhaps a positive sign that, despite how polarized people are worried that society is, people can pull together and try to get things done and support each other and recognize people who are heroes on the front lines fighting this stuff
  6. Oct 2018
    1. So the fact that we are so widely off the mark in our perception of how most people feel about political correctness should probably also make us rethink some of our other basic assumptions about the country.