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  1. Oct 2020
    1. A key difference between inclusive access and buying print textbooks is that students effectively lease the content for the duration of their course, rather than owning the material. If students want to download the content to access it beyond the duration of their course, there is often an additional fee.

      So now we need to revisit the calculation above and put this new piece of data into the model.

      Seriously?! It's now a "rental price"?

  2. Jul 2020
  3. Apr 2020
  4. Oct 2018
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  5. May 2018
    1. On the other hand, one noticeable difference from the U.S. context is in the lower proportion of respondents electing to rent textbooks. This trend has been previously anecdotally reported (e.g., Brownell, 2015) and may be traced to the relatively later introduction of textbook rental programs on Canadian campuses (Jerema, 2010).
  6. Sep 2017
  7. Mar 2017
    1. copying a manuscript of this kind proceeded at the rate of about one (two-sided) folio per day; pecia rentals typically lasted one week and involved about four folios.
  8. Mar 2015
    1. You can expect to pay 50 cents a day. Or try DIY. This is where you will own your content.

      Rent to own?

      There is no ownership while we rent.

      We either own or increase our freedom of movement in and out of rental environments...or both.