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  1. May 2022
    1. typeof v === "number"

      Using triple equals to check the results of typeof is totally unnecessary, and a sure sign that someone, somewhere has unthinkingly adopted some dubious advice; it's a code smell/red flag.

      A standard equality comparison (using ==) does exactly the right thing while also avoiding association with questions/doubts about the quality of the surrounding code.

  2. Mar 2022
  3. Apr 2020
  4. Jun 2019
    1. Finally, theTriple Composeris the most expressive way of creating structureddata, providing a specific GUI for editing semantic statements (triples) in theform of subject-object-predicate



  5. Nov 2018
    1. . The “triple threat” leader— skilled clinician, researcher, and educator — wasthe paradigm of exceptional faculty achievement (orfantasy) for more than a generation. Balancing aproductive research career with teaching and clinicalcare was easier when academic health centers wereless accountable for the quality and cost of clinicalcare than they are now.
  6. May 2017
    1. The Triple Feedback Loop offers a compass by aligning the information flows in a framework for operating a network of disparate players with different goals who work together on an overarching goal.

  7. Aug 2015
    1. In this scheme, if a sub-ject is related to multiple objects by the same prop-erty, then each distinct value is listed in a successiverow in the table for that property

      Sound like [Apache CouchDB]'s map/reduce output to anyone else?