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  1. Feb 2024
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    1. the trouble with that film is that maybe first of all no one who is an Evangelical Christian where I live is 00:06:00 actually going to watch that film second of all those guys already know in a way what the film is saying
      • critique of Don't look up
        • "I told you so" approach
        • we don't need any more wagging the finger
        • it shouldn't be staged as missing things, as efficiency
        • it should be staged as increasing pleasure of being a living being in the biosphere
      • comment
        • the film fails to reach the audience that could lead to deep transformation
        • evangelical Christians' narrative is already that an apocalypse is coming and THAT is the transformative event that will clean up an imperfect earth
  3. May 2023
    1. Stop to think about "normal app" as like desktop app. Android isn't a desktop platform, there is no such this. A "normal" mobile app let the system control the lifecycle, not the dev. The system expect that, the users expect that. All you need to do is change your mindset and learn how to build on it. Don't try to clone a desktop app on mobile. Everything is completely different including UI/UX.

      depends on how you look at it: "normal"

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    1. From a client side/application (as a whole) standpoint this is an internal endpoint, for the router of SvelteKit this would be an external resource.
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    1. The Paradox of Abundance: The average quality of information is getting worse and worse. But the best stuff is getting better and better. Markets of abundance are simultaneously bad for the median consumer but good for conscious consumers
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    1. The justice system is supposed to put the criminals behind bars but yet they putting innocent people in prison.

      That the justice system is unfavor and, it doesn't look into evidence

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    1. Peoplelokbacktotheirtimeasdualisticthinkers,andto theirfaiththatiftheyjustputenoughefortintoproblem solvingsolutionswouldalwaysapear,asagoldeneraof certainty.Anintelectualapreciationoftheimportanceof contextuality and ambiguity comes to exist alongside an emotional craving for revealed truth.