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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Link Type. Is the citation being referred to because the author agrees or disagrees with it?

      There is some research in link types and citation types to build on, e.g. https://sparontologies.github.io/cito/current/cito.html

    2. Immutable. The document cannot change.

      An argument for content-based identifiers. I think it's wanted to link different versions of a document with each other to allow for updates

    3. High Resolution Addressable. At different levels of granularity,

      Deep links via content locators, see https://github.com/jakobib/hypertext2019#readme

  2. Dec 2018
    1. zippered lists

      These "zippered lists" are the first mention of what would later become known as "Xanalogical storage", and ultimately as "transclusions".

  3. Nov 2014
    1. Links must be stored in HTML files

      But what about links I want to add to documents that I don't own? "Layers for the Web"

      Doesn't Xanadu keep stuff separate somehow?