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  1. May 2024
    1. for - interview - Russian war commentator Konstantin Samoilov

      summary - Kostantin often talks about the rapidly deteriorating state of the Russian economy. - Having worked in building energy plants for many years in Russia, he is aware of how unique the unprecedented deterioration of the Soviet-style central district heating plant failures sprouting up everywhere are going to impact the Russian people. - The rapid destruction of the vulnerable Russian oil refining plants is having a devastating impact on the economy as well - Konstatin has his own Youtube channel reporting on the growing domestic problems caused by the war, something he uniquely reports on

  2. Mar 2022
  3. Jan 2022
    1. The mere scribe and the mere compiler have disappeared (almost completely), and the mere commentator has become very rare. Each exists only insofar as any author in creating his own work cannot do without some copying, some compiling (or research), and some commenting.

      The digital era has made copying (scriptor) completely redundant. The click of a button allows the infinite copying of content.

      Real compilators are few and far between, but exist in niches. Within social media many are compiling and tagging content within their accounts.

      Commentators are a dime a dozen and have been made ubiquitous courtesy of social media.

      Content creators or auctors still exist, but are rarer in the broader field of writing or other contexts.

    2. St. Bonaventura (1221-1274) found that there are basically four ways of 'making books' (modi faciendi librum):"A man might write the work of others, adding and changing nothing in which case he is simply called a 'scribe' (scriptor).""Another writes the work of others with additions which are not his own; and he is called a 'compiler (compilator).""Another writes both others’ work and his own, but with others’ work in principal place, adding his own for purposes of explanation; and he is called a 'commentator' (commentator) …""Another writes both his own work and others' but with his own work in principal place adding others' for purposes of confirmation; and such a man should be called an 'author' (auctor).’"
  4. Oct 2020