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  1. Mar 2022
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    1. Since November 1st you will get your mail from public authorities and institutions as Digital Post. This means you have to read it online. It is important that you know how to find and read your Digital Post.

      Digital Posts for Government Mails and Instructions

    2. NemID is a digital signature and an all in one login for public and private services on the Internet.

      NemID - Digital Single Sign On for Citizens

    3. Borger.dk is an Internet portal for the citizens of Denmark. Here you can find different self-services and get information on issues regarding the public authorities. 

      Borger.dk - Internet Portal for Citizens of Denmark

  6. Nov 2017
    1. Thecharterincludesnineteenrightsandonesetofduties,whichareimportanttooutline

      Nuestro trabajo estaría enmarcado en la parte de Libertad de participación en los asuntos públicos a través de Internet y también con las puestas por el pluralismo y la gobernanza.

    2. TheUnitedNationsWorldSummitontheInformationSociety(WSIS),heldinDecember2003inGeneva,iswidelyrecognizedasa‘constitutionforcyberspace.’[52]TheimportanceofWSISisthatitdrawsitsimaginaryforcefromtheUniversalDeclarationofHumanRights(1948)andinstitutesparallelsbetweenthoserightsanddigitalrights.[53]Theorganizationofthesummitandthedeclarationofitsprinciplesweretheresultsofyearsofwork.Itssixty-sevenprincipleshavemoreclausesthanmanyconstitutionsinclude.Itisanambitiousdocument,anditsfirstprincipleaffirm
  7. Jan 2017
    1. 4. Technological and Media Change.

      There is still very little thinking about digital education from a policy/discourse/politics-of-education perspective. Interesting work by Ben Williamson, Greg Thompson, Ian Cook