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  1. May 2021
    1. Dr Ellie Murray. (2021, February 23). A thing I feel is weird about how we are all reacting to this pandemic: Mourning is still so individual & private. It surprises me there aren’t campaigns for armbands, ribbons, wreaths on doors, or some sort of flag in the window to say “a loved one was lost to COVID here”. [Tweet]. @EpiEllie. https://twitter.com/EpiEllie/status/1364033220904427524

  2. Mar 2021
  3. Feb 2021
    1. This could potentially be solved through our framework of predicting networks first, interactions next, and finally the realized species pool.

      I think this might be confusing, as readers could think this is the actual framework of our paper. We could maybe precise that we could use our framework the other way around, by using our predictions of ecological networks and species interactions to make better predictions of species pools.

    2. all interactions occur between species in each pool

      I think this definition of bipartite network is a little confusing. We could say something like:

      "Bipartite networks are divided into two disjoint sets of species and interactions occur between members of different sets (e.g. plant-pollinator and host-parasite networks)"

    3. there have been calls for a probabilistic species pool

      you say twice there have been calls. Maybe simplify the sentence with something like: through probabilistic species pool, and more importantly ...

    4. .S

      missing space

    5. embedding projects

      missing words

    6. Given two species co-occur, a neutral approach to probabilistic interactions would assume that the effect of abundances and trait matching would have no effec

      I think you mean: A neutral approach to probabilistic interactions would rely only on the effect of abundances and assume trait-matching would have no effect?

    7. reached an accuracy of  ≈ 0.8

      Semi- by curiosity, semi- because it might be better to explicitly say it, but how was accuracy calculated? It is not clear if correctly predicted absences are used? As stated before, there are no true negative.

    8. Here adopt a question-driven approach to serve as a guide through the path toward building models to predict and forecast the structure of ecological networks across space, and to identify the next steps in the research regime.

      The sentence is very hard to read. too many long noun strings.

    1. It is not currently possible to “un-flag” an annotation — if an annotation is flagged by mistake, the group creator can choose not to hide it.

      Wow, this is so emblematic of the age... any person can taint another irrevocably with a flag!

      And an accident cannot be undone!

      Now when I screen share on Zoom to discuss our document, everyone will see a big red flag.

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    1. The Inherited Environment Variables feature is under development and not ready for production use. It is deployed behind a feature flag that is disabled by default.
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    1. le bleu et le rouge

      J'aurais aimé savoir quel bleu et quel rouge sont utilisés sur le drapeau.