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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Aug 2020
  3. Jun 2020
  4. Sep 2015
    1. 上一届:已经结束任职年的那些人 应届毕业生:今年毕业的学生 届 jiè(屆) ①动 到(预定的时候)。 届时 | 届期 ②量 用于定期的会议或毕业生等,略相当于“次” “期”。 第一届 | 本届 | 历届 | 应届

    2. 曾(经)

    3. 结构


    4. 艰巨


    5. 应对

      faire face à (une situation connue)

    6. 重(视)

    7. 提速

      提(高)速(度)vs. 减速

    8. =也

    9. 卸任

      =离任/离职 finir son mandat

    10. 促(进)

    11. 转(变)

    12. 调(整)

    13. 路透


    14. 首当其冲

      首当其冲 shǒudāngqíchōng


    15. 十三五
    16. 寄望


    17. 分析:“十三五”中国寄望内需拉经济 收入分配改革首当其冲

      tutorat S1

  5. Dec 2014
    1. Creating a Workforce Housing Equity Fund: Tech companies taking advantage of tax breaks should pay into a Workforce Housing Equity Fund for building affordable housing as part of their Community Benefits Agreements.

      Now we're talking. Welcome the new wealth, tax the hell out of it, and re-invest that in equitable developments.

  6. Feb 2014
    1. There is no benevolent historical force, however, that will inexo- rably lead the technological-economic moment to develop towards an open, diverse, liberal equilibrium. If the transformation occurs, it will lead to substantial redistribution of power and money from the twen- tieth-century, industrial producers of information, culture, and com- munications—like Hollywood, the recording industry, and the tele- communications giants—to a widely diffuse population around the globe. None of the industrial giants of yore are going to take this re- distribution lying down. Technology will not overcome their resis- tance through some insurmountable progressive impulse. The reor- ganization of production, and the advances it can bring in democracy, autonomy, and social justice will emerge, if it emerges, only as a result of social and political action.