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    1. There's no official Chrome or Chromium package for Linux don't install it this way because it's either outdated or unofficial, both are bad. Download it from official source.
  4. Apr 2021
    1. What's the point of playing a game featuring fjords without also including vikings to pillage the other player's lands...I've actually developed two additional tiles for Fjords: The Dragon and The Marauding Hoard. Both do exactly that.(I've play tested them with a friend well over 40 times and we both agree that with an expanded set of Fjords tiles, these two greatly improve the game for us. I'll write the tiles up and post them to BGG... eventually)
  5. Nov 2020

      This is a good example of one of the biggest downsides of being famous. Because people are constantly trying to take advantage of you, it is very difficult to trust strangers. I think that is especially what leaves Ka with a bad taste in her mouth at the end of this - knowing that Gabrielle Fonteneau believes she has betrayed her trust. This has repercussions too, as it means that Celine might feel she was taken advantage of, and now Ka can no longer think of Gabrielle Fonteneau the same way, knowing that she might have a personal disdain for her. (This is also the bad part of meeting a famous person - you can no longer have that idealized image of them in your mind.)

  6. Oct 2020
    1. whathappened afterward, between my mother and myself,

      why does he keep doing this? the suspense is killing me...

    2. Ihad no partner, I was alone. The fact arrived, and it calmed meimmediately

      Hmmm... maybe this is a clue to his loneliness, that he might know that it is affecting him psychologically but he is comforted by it nonetheless?

  7. Sep 2020
    1. Passing the class prop to the root dom element is already a wide spread practice
    2. It's a convention in Svelte to export { className as class } inspired from docs, but it's certainly not required by the compiler, so I don't think the class:directive can/should be assumed here.
    3. On the one hand, it's an unofficial but widely-used practice to do let classNames=''; export { classNames as class }; in components and then apply that class on the top-level DOM element in the component. On the other hand, there are plenty of components out there that don't use this idiom
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    1. There are, indeed, at least two projects independent of us, which are developing software that can read 1Password data (once you’ve given them your Master Password.). James Brown (@RogueLazer) has developed some Python libraries which can – given the Master Password – read both the Agile Keychain Format (1Password 2 and 3 for Mac, 1Password for Windows) and the Cloud Keychain Format (1Password 4). Indeed, RogueLazer’s efforts and queries have led to substantial improvements in our documentation.