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  1. Jul 2022
    1. Approaching the two extremes of the ‘hierarchical versus collective’ axis as irreconcilablemodels and the two extremes of the ‘governor versus governed’ as distinct social locations seem to bemisleading rather than useful. These are just two opposite conceptual idealisations of an actual broadrepertoire of patterns of distribution of influence.

      !- question : claim: it is not useful to choose between hierarchical and collective and governor and that which is governed * Do the authors mean between capitalist vs socialist systems?

      • This needs some sensemaking and examples to clarify and substantiate.
    2. we posit that there is no need to define the global system as a configurationof only such social forms (e.g., international organisations) that remain after the presupposed unitsof their respective environments (e.g., nation states) have first been excluded

      The authors are suggesting an alternative to traditional forms of institutional governance, even on a global scale that is independent of nation states or even an international organization to govern our entire civilization.

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