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    1. ICH WÄHLE AFD | Change my Mind

      AFD ist controlled opposition.

      wähl lieber meine partei: rechtsextrem anonym. unser erstes ziel ist dass unsere partei verboten wird. unser zweites ziel ist eine militärdiktatur der wahrheit. also sowas wie graue wölfe, aber ohne religion, weil die einzige wahrheit ist nihilismus = alles wird sterben.

    1. 칸아카데미의 미션은 세계적인 수준의 교육을 전 세계 누구에게나 무료로 제공하는 것입니다.
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    1. (This is for VI 5) I was wondering where/what city Cathay was, and it turns out to be an alternative name for China.Lop is also a city that at the time, belonged to the khan of the Mongols, but the description specifically mentions European traders. This makes me believe that this map was depicting part of the silk road. This is also connected to the reading we did this week, because the city of Lop was owned by the Mongols, and trade between these cities was most likely encouraged by the relative safety of the Mongol era.

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    1. the area of the triangle itself is expressed by something totally different from its visible figure, namely, by half the product of the base multiplied by the altitude
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    1. They create their portfolios, not just in their specialty — which if it’s in software, might be creative-writing software programs or robotics — but it’s well beyond their specialty, their portfolio of writing, their portfolio of creative art projects, their portfolio of speeches they’ve given. When they graduate, instead of saying, "Hey, I have a magna cum laude GPA, blah, blah, blah, blah in this major," you’ll say, "Here’s my portfolio," and your portfolio is going to be one-third just of really well created things that you’re most proud of. There will be some assessment of what are the academic concepts that you’ve truly mastered.