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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Master of all the living! Lord of Gods! King of the Universe! To Thee alone Belongs to tell the heavenly excellence Of those perfections wherewith Thou dost fill These worlds of Thine; Pervading, Immanent! How shall I learn, Supremest Mystery! To know Thee, though I muse continually? Under what form of Thine unnumbered forms Mayst Thou be grasped? Ah! yet again recount, Clear and complete, Thy great appearances, The secrets of Thy Majesty and Might, Thou High Delight of Men! Never enough Can mine ears drink the Amrit of such words!

      Arjuna is convinced that Krishna is the divine being and requests Him to describe His divine glories like divine nectar further. He is asking for him to reveal his glory and explain to him what his different forms are. Posing the question of which form he should grasp or hold on to. Earlier, Krishna means that he is Prakriti, which is defined as the prime material energy of which all matter is composed. "..is made of eight elements: earth, water, air, fire, akasha (“sky” or “space”), mind, intelligence, and ego. However, beyond his prakriti is another, higher form. This other form created and supports everything that exists and destroys it when the time comes. Though he has created many mortal bodies, Vishnu’s true self was never born and will never die. He is beyond such things; his true nature is eternal and changeless. "

      References Cabral, Carrie. “Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita: A God in His True Form.” Shortform Books, 5 Feb. 2021, https://www.shortform.com/blog/krishna-bhagavad-gita/#:~:text=To%20that%20end%2C%20Krishna%20in,mind%2C%20intelligence%2C%20and%20ego.

      “Prakriti Definition & Meaning.” Dictionary.com, Dictionary.com, https://www.dictionary.com/browse/prakriti.

  2. Jan 2023
    1. 16 tipping elements the large biophysical systems that we have scientific evidence that the regulates 00:01:23 the state of the entire climate system on Earth nine of these 16 are showing signs of instability push them too far and they will shift over from supporting Humanity 00:01:34 to starting to undermine Humanity four of these are showing scientific evidence of now being at risk already at 1.5 degrees Celsius

      !- 16 tp elements : interconnected global climate system

    2. we're taking colossal risks with the future of civilization on Earth We're degrading life support system that we all depend on we're actually pushing 00:00:57 the entire Earth system to a point of destabilization pushing Earth outside of the state that has support civilization since we left the last ice age 10 000 years ago this requires a transformation to safe 00:01:11 and just Earth system boundaries for the whole world economy

      !- Title : Leading the charge through earth’s new normal !- speakers : Johan Rockstrom et al.

  3. Aug 2022
    1. you can also replicate the bind:this syntax if you please: Wrapper.svelte <script> let root export { root as this } </script> <div bind:this={root} />

      This lets the caller use it like this: <Wrapper bind:this={root} />

      in the same way we can already do this with elements: <div bind:this=

  4. Mar 2022
  5. Nov 2021
  6. Apr 2021
    1. On the road again...

      Although we're using an Omeka Simple Page as our start page, the link I'm using points us to the first page of the Exhibit.

  7. Mar 2021
    1. [...document.querySelectorAll("*")].filter(e => e.childNodes && [...e.childNodes].find(n => n.nodeValue?.match("❤")))
    2. function contains(selector, text) { var elements = document.querySelectorAll(selector); return [].filter.call(elements, function(element){ return RegExp(text).test(element.textContent); }); }
  8. Jan 2021
    1. The extra div soup is two fold:
    2. (this issue)
    3. A component reserving a slot but needing to perform manipulation on its content dom reference will need to add an extra element wrapper on the receiving site (some people mention it here: #2106).
    4. A big app will have lots of components compared to regular html elements and these need to be wrapped before being fed to a slot, every single time on the call site
    5. I think this is very important feature to implement. Because for now we need to wrap target components by useless wrapper nodes.
  9. Dec 2020
  10. Nov 2020
    1. It won't work in all use cases, but it's better than the div soup.
    2. I run into this on almost every project and end up doing this as a workaround: :global([slot="content"]) This allows me to style that extra div in the component that contains the slots but it would be super nice to have <MyComponent slot="content"/> and eliminate that extra div
    3. If this is getting implemented, I think I'll love to see both implemented. I can see a lot of use cases where I would like to encapsulate the component with additional wrappers and in another scenarios I would like to just use the component. Now i work around this using empty div but then at times it breaks the structure because of the div element and I'll have to add more class utilities to make it work. This will be a great addition for Svelte.
    4. I don't like adding unnecessary divs.
  11. Oct 2020
    1. Since “virtual DOM” is more of a pattern than a specific technology, people sometimes say it to mean different things. In React world, the term “virtual DOM” is usually associated with React elements since they are the objects representing the user interface
    1. Especially when coming from a framework like React, it might feel very tempting to start creating a component wrapper around the input (i.e. <input> becomes <Input/>) and add your custom event handlers in there.This is a great approach in React, but not so much in Svelte. Why, you ask?Well, Svelte (at least in its current form, v3) really shines when you have native DOM elements at your disposal. You can use transition directives, conditionally switch CSS classes, bind to the current value with ease, and more.
  12. Sep 2020
    1. Currently, I can only do this with some ugly JS, by wrapping the <slot> in a div and then selecting all direct children of that div (div>*). But this fix/solution also makes me face a problem: The <div> partially destroys the layout/design compared to when not using that div wrapper.
  13. Jul 2020
    1. Dessa ingångar eller portar, som han kallar dem, kan alla användas för att ta oss tillbaka till nuet, där inga problem finns. Det är bara i nuet som vi hittar glädjen och kan omfamna vårt sanna jag.

      Här verkar han utgå från att det faktiskt finns minst fyra "portar" vilket stämmer överens med Carl Jungs teori att den MINST utvecklade funktionen hos en individ är "porten till det undermedvetna" varigenom all mänsklig transformation sker.

      Man går helt enkelt in genom sitt MINST utvecklade personlighetsdrag och kan då nå sitt meditativa jag som ligger under och bakom alla personlighetsdrag. De olika personlighetsdragen är tänkande (eld), kännande (vatten), kroppsliga intryck (jord) respektive intuition (luft).

      Det är i sin tur samma sak som indiankulturernas medicinhjuls fyra väderstreck med människan i mitten.

    2. Dessa ingångar eller portar, som han kallar dem, kan alla användas för att ta oss tillbaka till nuet, där inga problem finns.

      Men här skriver de att han pekar på FLERA portar. Kanske utgår Eckhart Tolle från Jungs funktioner och säger att det finns fyra - tänkande, kännande, intuition och sinnesintryck. Bakom/under dessa finns den fullt ut levande människan som gör att vi upplever glädjen och kan omfamna vårt sanna jag.

      Exakt samma fyra mänskliga medvetande-funktioner som återfinns i indiankulturernas medicinhjul som de fyra väderstrecken och i den antika elementlärans vatten (känsla), eld (tänkande), luft (intuition) och jord (sinnesintryck)

  14. Jun 2020
  15. Apr 2020
    1. Because users read items from left to right, the priority direction for reading items is stronger horizontally than vertically.
    2. Items in a top navigation do not have equal weight. The leftmost items carry more visual weight than other items because of its placement in the primary optical area (top left). Items in the top left area get more exposure and are often seen as more important than other items.
    3. you will have certain items with higher priority than others. Because the user’s topic of interest is more limited in this context, placing items in a top navigation allows users to find what they want faster and easier.
  16. Feb 2020
    1. Image Credit: Detail from "The School of Athens" by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (c. 1509–1511).

      Euclid's common notions appear to be grounds for many of Marx's arguments in Ch. 1, but also throughout the book.

      Near the beginning of Ch. 1 of the Elements Euclid lists them [PDF]:

      • Things that are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another (the Transitive property of a Euclidean relation).
      • If equals are added to equals, then the wholes are equal (Addition property of equality).
      • If equals are subtracted from equals, then the differences are equal (Subtraction property of equality).
      • Things that coincide with one another are equal to one another (Reflexive property).
      • The whole is greater than the part.

      Regarding the fifth, also see Aristotle, Metaphysics 8.6 [=1045a]; Topics 6.13 (=150a15-16);

      On the concept of the "whole-before-the-parts" (along with the "whole of the parts" and the "whole in the part"), also see Proclus, El. Theol., prop. 67.

    2. the area of the triangle itself is expressed by something totally different from its visible figure, namely, by half the product of the base multiplied by the altitude
    3. In order to calculate and compare the areas of rectilinear figures, we decompose them into triangles
  17. Jan 2020
  18. Nov 2019
    1. As online learning matures, it is important for both theorists and practitioners to understand how to apply new and emerging educational practices and technologies that foster a sense of community and optimize the online learning environment.

      The article expresses the design theory elements (goals, values, methods) and how it can assist with defining new tools for online learning. Rating 5/5

  19. Aug 2019
    1. vessel elements and tracheids

      Does "conduct water" mean they each specifically facilitate the transportation of water? I guess I am asking how to differentiate the three cell types.

  20. Jun 2019
    1. Chemical elements with a sufficiently high neutron capture cross-section include silver, indium and cadmium. Other candidate elements include boron, cobalt, hafnium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium and lutetium.[1] Alloys or compounds may also be used, such as high-boron steel,[2] silver-indium-cadmium alloy, boron carbide, zirconium diboride, titanium diboride, hafnium diboride, gadolinium nitrate,[3] gadolinium titanate, dysprosium titanate and boron carbide - europium hexaboride composite.[4]
  21. Aug 2018
    1. Sea, nor Shore, nor Air, nor Fire,

      Water, Earth, Air and Fire. It's curious that Milton refers to water as Sea, and earth as Shore. The idea of the Four Elements originated with the Greek philosopher, Empedocles. They are in continual conflict with each other as a result of Strife. See http://www.webwinds.com/myth/elemental.htm

    2. For hot, cold, moist, and dry, four Champions fierce Strive here for Maistrie

      According to Empedocles, an early Greek philosopher, there are four elements in continual conflict with each, as influenced by Strife (discordant energy) and Love (harmony). See my article on Empedocles and the four elements at: http://www.webwinds.com/myth/elemental.htm

  22. Jul 2017
  23. Jan 2016
    1. Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118 were recently produced in laboratories. 114 and 116 were created about five years ago. There is a petition to name one of the new elements Lemmium, after rock musician Lemmy Kilmister, who died 28 December 2015. It has 133,465 signatures so far.

      NPR<br> https://twitter.com/LemmiumMetal

  24. Feb 2014
    1. THE ELEMENTS OF BRIEFING Procedural History Legal Issue Facts of Case Statement of Rule Policy Dicta Reasoning Holding Concurrence Dissents

      The Elements of Briefing

      • Procedural History
      • Legal Issue
      • Facts of Case
      • Statement of Rule
      • Policy
      • Dicta
      • Reasoning
      • Holding
      • Concurrence
      • Dissents
    1. T h i s p r o t e c t i o n i s s u b j e c t t o a n i m p o r t a n t l i m i t a t i o n . T h e m e r e f a c t t h a t a w o r k i s c o p y r i g h t e d d o e s n o t m e a n t h a t e v e r y e l e m e n t o f t h e w o r k m a y b e p r o t e c t e d . O r i g i n a l i t y r e m a i n s t h e s i n e q u a n o n o f c o p y r i g h t ; a c c o r d i n g l y , c o p y r i g h t p r o t e c t i o n m a y e x t e n d o n l y t o t h o s e c o m p o n e n t s o f a w o r k t h a t a r e o r i g i n a l t o t h e a u t h o r . P a t t e r s o n & J o y c e 8 0 0 - 8 0 2 ; G i n s b u r g , C r e a t i o n a n d C o m m e r c i a l V a l u e : C o p y r i g h t P r o t e c t i o n o f W o r k s o f I n f o r m a t i o n , 9 0 C o l u m . L . R e v . 1 8 6 5 , 1 8 6 8 , a n d n . 1 2 ( 1 9 9 0 ) ( h e r e i n a f t e r G i n s b u r g ) .

      Though a work may be copyrightable it does not mean that every element of the work may be protectable.