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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

      This brings the light to yet another facet of the diamond which genuine forgiveness is: you practice not in it alone. Your willingness and your allowance are the key to let Divinity step in.

      The seekers scroll through stacks of books and pick the things they liked from each to cook their own salvation's recipe. But if it's you who is in charge of your atonement, then why you're not enlightened still?

      You cannot be your guide to miracles, for it is you who made them necessary. T-14.11.7

      You have not made truth, but truth can still set you free. Look as the Holy Spirit looks, and understand as He understands. His understanding looks back to God in remembrance of me. T-5.3.11

      Follow the Holy Spirit's teaching in forgiveness, then, because forgiveness is His function and He knows how to fulfill it perfectly. That is what I meant when I said that miracles are natural, and when they do not occur something has gone wrong. T-9.4.6

      Think not that you can find salvation in your own way ... Give over every plan that you have made for your salvation in exchange for God's. T-15.4.2

      Only God's plan for salvation will work. W-71

      You child of God, the gifts of God are yours, not by your plans but by His holy Will. His Voice will teach you what forgiveness is, and how to give it as He wills it be. Do not, then, seek to understand what is beyond you yet, but let it be a way to draw you up to where the eyes of Christ become the sight you choose. S-2.3.2

      I merely follow, for I would not lead. W-324

  2. May 2016
    1. Then, as the Sun of Know-ing begins to rise on the horizon of your consciousness;Then, will you feel the swell of a wondrous strange Breath filling you to the extreme of all yourmortal members, causing your senses almost to burst with the ecstasy of it; then, will there comesurge after surge of a mighty, resistless Power rising within you, lifting you almost off the Earth;then, will you feel within the Glory, the Holiness, the Majesty of My Presence;And then, then you will KNOW, I AM, God.You, -- when you have felt Me thus in such moments within, when you have tasted of MyPower, hearkened to My Wisdom, and know the ecstasy of My all-embracing Love, -- no diseasecan touch, no circumstance can weaken, no enemy can conquer you. For now you KNOW I AMwithin, and you always hereafter will turn to Me in your need, putting all your trust in Me, andallowing Me to manifest My Will.You, when you turn thus to Me, will always find Me an unfailing and ever present help in timeof need; for I will so fill you with a Realization of My Presence and of My Power, that you needonly Be Still and allow Me to do whatever you want done -- heal your ills and those of others,illumine your mind so you can see with My eyes the Truth you seek, or perform perfectly thetasks which before seemed almost impossible of accomplishmen

      To come to truly Know that God is within me, to Know it as a felt Reality............ And in all and every circumstances turn within to Me... turn to God and trust that support will unfailing...

    2. Now, in order that you can become wholly oblivious of your mind and its thoughts and yourbody and its sensations, so that you can feel Me within, it is necessary that you studiously obeythese, My instructions.Sit quietly in a relaxed position, and, when wholly at ease, let your mind take in the significanceof these words:"Be still! --- and KNOW --- I AM --- God."Without thinking, allow this, My Divine Command, to penetrate deep into your Soul. Letwhatever impressions that come to your mind enter at will --- without effort or interference onyour part.

      Be Still, without thinking and allow these words to penetrate me deeply, Be still - and KNOW - I AM - God................. Allow whatever comes to mind

  3. Dec 2015
    1. RAJ: It has a direct bearing, an exact bearing, on it. You are trying to make everything fit into your concept of what is right, instead of simply flowing with What Is. You are so busy reacting to your own thought structures and concepts, and how things look to you, that you are not able to perceive what is really taking place. It is not destructive or unprincipled in any way.

      Paul is really challenged by his financial situation and he has hoped that his conversations with Raj would have done something to make it all better - it hasn't and he is questioning the value of his interaction with Raj.

      Paul's belief about what is right and reacting to what is wrong in his world he is not able to see what is really going on.

      Raj suggests he could flow and allow what is.

      (from ACIM: Would you rather be right or happy?)

    1. PAUL: Raj, as you know, nothing has apparently changed since the first conversation we had—objectively, at least—although subjectively speaking, I feel a lot has occurred. As we have progressed into the last few weeks, I have become more and more concerned about the dire straits I find myself in, objectively speaking. It has been very difficult for me to relax and to have faith in the validity of what you have been telling me. Nevertheless, something keeps me coming back, and here I am again. I will do my best this evening to be still and attentive and receptive. I will listen to what you have to say, and not busy myself with arguments and questions and doubts and fears.

      Paul last spoke with Raj 4 days ago, he's been rocked due to the fact that Maitreya did not announce his presence and that he did not receive a visitor that Raj said that he would.

      Paul wonders if he can trust Raj and he's honestly expressing it. And yet something inside keeps bringing him back. He is allowing his doubt, in effect, he is trusting there is something valuable in this relationship with Raj.

      So now, he's going to lay aside the doubt and distrust in order to discover if that is true.

      This is a very good demonstration of walking into the unknown, of not listening to the critical part of the mind in favor the something that brings him back, an intuition or knowing that comes from a deeper part of the mind then his critical thoughts.

    1. We need to remember that all of Life, infinitely speaking, is unfolding Itself at every moment, and not just an isolated part of that infinity. It is essential for you to realize that your thinking processes do not in any way have any effect, whatsoever, on this infinitely detailed, yet harmonious unfolding of Being. This does not mean you have nothing to do with it, but it simply means that you have no three-dimensional control over it. You must come to the realization that it is your Being which is unfolding Itself infinitely on the basis of Its Nature as Intelligence, as Life, and as Mind. Therefore, It is—before you think a single thought about it—unfolding Itself (your Self) with all the precision, Intelligence, and Principle which constitutes Itself. It is this infinite unfolding of your Self that you must learn to bring your thought in line with. You cannot use your thoughts to bring your Being into line with them. This is a part of the letting go which is necessary for you in order for you to experience the unfolding of your Being as complete Harmony. Until you are willing to let go of this concept—that you must in some way be able to control your environment and your life experience with your thought—you will seem to suffer from the unfoldment of your Being.

      Being, all of Life, is unfolding Itself and our thoughts about have no effect on it.

      You must bring your thought in line with this unfolding of Being, you cannot bring Being in line with your thoughts.

      Until you let go of the need to control your environment and experience and allow Life to unfold as it does, you will seem to suffer.

      ForMe: this means that my journey is mine. It doesn't depend on anybody else getting it, that anybody else understands and applies Christ Mind teachings the way I do. If I don't allow things to be as they are - even when they don't correspond to my view (my spiritual view, HA! - folly), I will suffer. And I do!!

  4. Nov 2015
    1. Because it is a well-established habit, it is so very easy to attempt to take the infinite unfoldments of our Being and try to channel them into habits of action. The need is to give up our habits of “doing,” and replace them with being what the infinity of our Being is being at every moment. The call for action this evening is for you to consciously relinquish your attempts at control and conceptualization and get back to that Point where you stand as Nothing. Thereby you allow the Somethingness of your Being to become apparent as your conscious experience of being.

      Give up your habits of doing, relinquish your attempts to control and conceptualize and return to the place where you stand as Nothing thereby allowing the Somethingness of your Being to be your conscious experience.

    2. Remember that letting go of control—letting go of these intellectual thought structures—will not cause disorganization and disorientation of the Universe. Rather, it will reveal from an experiential standpoint, the fact that the Universe is already organized and orderly and intelligent in Its Function, whether you are intellectualizing about it or not. Remember, too, that until you do go ahead and let go, you will not have the opportunity to observe It working in Its absolute perfection and spontaneous and effortless harmony.

      Attempting to control comes from the belief that all is not already functioning perfectly. Only by letting go, releasing control, will you see that all is working in absolute perfection and harmony.

      That is the paradox.

    3. PAUL: Raj, I am going to change the subject here, because I have a question that is demanding attention. The question is: Why does it irk me when Susan asks to speak to you? Why do I feel that her questions will be an imposition upon you, and why does it make me mad that she doesn’t contact her own Guide? RAJ: Because you have not learned that Being is truly unfolding Itself infinitely and not according to concepts. It is true that she has a Guide whom she can contact, but you need to learn to flow with what is happening, rather than with what you think ought to be happening.

      Learn to *flow with what is happening not with what you think ought to be happening.

    1. Leave the “split experience” of Reality/unreality alone, as illustrated in the tares and the wheat parable.3 Let them appear to exist side by side. Let them appear to cause different consciousnesses. As long as there are two, you are not caught—deluded—into the three-dimensional-only frame of reference. This dual experience of consciousness is an affirmation or proof of your having crossed the change line. You are not in three-dimensional territory, although you can still see it and feel it. Take my word for it. Now, turn your back on the old territory and begin to look into the depths of your Being as Fourth-dimensional Man. As I said, once you cross the change line, clarification spontaneously begins to occur, and occur more rapidly. This is inevitable.

      You are not deluded by the ego frame of reference when you allow the "split experience" of Reality/unreality to exist side by side.

      From that place of allowance, from the place of conscious being - 4d Man, look into the depth of your Being and clarification will spontaneously occur.

    1. Since you are presently at the point of experiencing the change line, you are finding that the dynamics apparently are greater and somewhat confusing, unsettling, and disorienting. Do not get caught up in any of those points. Allow them. Adjustment is very rapid once the shift has been made, and things will become spontaneously clear to you.

      I hear Raj say to be present with what is occurring, allow them without getting caught up.....Raj shares that at the change line, the shift, dynamics are apparently greater, confusing, unsettling, disorientating...

    2. RAJ: Paul, in spite of what Mrs. Eddy says about manipulation, meaning laying on of hands, and in spite of the fact that the end result will be that you will not use your hands for healing, I want you to follow your inner, intuitive leadings for the present. You will learn invaluable lessons. You will be led, from an experiential standpoint, to the understanding of true healing and its methods, as Mrs. Eddy was. Since you are presently at the point of experiencing the change line, you are finding that the dynamics apparently are greater and somewhat confusing, unsettling, and disorienting. Do not get caught up in any of those points. Allow them. Adjustment is very rapid once the shift has been made, and things will become spontaneously clear to you.

      Follow your intuitive leadings, guidance, and you will learn invaluable lessons.

      Do not get caught up in your experience of confusing, unsettling, and disorienting dynamics - allow them. Adjustment is rapid once the shift is made.

    1. The fact remains that as you let go in those other areas, just as you are doing right now while talking with me, the fullness will flow and be recognized by you—the fullness of your Being, that is.
    2. You see, you have not been flowing with What Is. Instead, you have become increasingly aggressive in your attempt to make things fit within your present concepts, even though those concepts are moral, righteous, and upright. You are assuming that if you let go of this control, what will happen will not be moral, just, and upright.

      Paul has become increasingly aggressive attempting to make things fit into his present concepts. It's not working.

      His concepts are admirable - moral, righteous, upright - but they are standing in the way of the expansion of his Being.

      He believes if he lets go of his concepts the result will not be moral, just, and upright.

    1. RAJ: Paul, do not resist that feeling, but simply do not invest too much attention in it. You can move away from it, where you will not be reached by the apparent dynamics of its meaning. Even if it does not appear to resolve anything from your present point of view, you will, nevertheless, be in the best position possible to have the answer be revealed as your conscious experience. I will ask you to do that this evening before you go to sleep, in preparation for the work we will do while you are sleeping.

      To acknowledge our feelings yet to not 'go down the rabbit hole' with them.

    1. I recognize fully from my own experience that this is not an easy step to make, because it is not a head trip. Rather, it is a matter of being willing to be—without conscious thought processes being used for any purpose other than relating or describing what your Being is being. Fundamental to your being able to let go is going to be your willingness to trust what you already theoretically know. That the entire Nature of your Being is absolutely and totally constructive—that It is actually fulfilling Itself at this very moment in all Its completeness with absolute perfection. If you are able to trust that Fact, even though it may require some imagination, rather than some believing, you will find it easier to let go of any vestige of control that you think you ought to be able to exercise. As soon as you are able to do this, you will find the picture change, as we have talked about before. In effect, you will be seeing from the Center of your Being, rather than from the surface of your concepts.

      Being is all of Life, Conscious Being is the subjective experience of Being.

      It is not easy to stay in Conscious Being because it is not a head trip. It requires trust of what you theoretically know.

      With trust you will be able to let go of control - to allow. A shift happens when you are able to do this and you will be seeing from the Center of your Being.

    2. It has been a habit of yours to attempt to live your universe from the standpoint of your conscious thought, rather than from the point of your subjective Being. This is why I continue to say that, as you are willing to be in and to be that Place where you experience your Being as Conscious Being, then you will find that your Being is the Answer which has already answered Itself by being Its own fullness and completeness with total success. You must be willing to stay at that point, no matter what activity you may appear to be involved in, and to not attempt to exercise any control, whatsoever, over what your Being is being.

      Being is complete. The conscious experience of Being is an experience of that completeness - where all is complete, there is nothing lacking.

      Stay in that place of Conscious Being with complete allowance.

  5. Oct 2015
    1. Are you saying that I need to sit here without raising a finger in response to anything that is going on, and let the axes fall as they appear to be going to? RAJ: That is exactly what I am saying. PAUL: Did I get that correctly? RAJ: Yes, you did. PAUL: And you are saying that you cannot tell me why I should do such an extreme thing? RAJ: That is correct.

      Paul is in financial trouble and is questioning what Raj is saying.

    1. RAJ: Paul, do not resist that feeling, but simply do not invest too much attention in it. You can move away from it, where you will not be reached by the apparent dynamics of its meaning. Even if it does not appear to resolve anything from your present point of view, you will, nevertheless, be in the best position possible to have the answer be revealed as your conscious experience. I will ask you to do that this evening before you go to sleep, in preparation for the work we will do while you are sleeping.

      Paul is feeling panicky.

      Raj suggests the he allow that feeling and says don't resist and don't invest too much attention in it.

      Here Raj is describing how to allow.

    1. Being is the Universal unfolding of It’s Self-perpetuating Action. Give up your attempts to grasp it, hold it, turn it over, and understand it by means of such examination. You must be willing to understand by virtue of Its Self-explanation. You must let go.

      Another description of Being and a suggestion to allow and understand it through its Self explanation.

    1. RAJ: Paul, you are frustrating yourself by displaying a desire to control what is going on so it may be conducive to accomplishing the purposes of this conversation. You want it quiet. The dog wants to bark. It is pointing out to what degree you want to retain some control. Let. Let. Let. Let the dog bark. Let yourself feel anxious. Let yourself not feel anxious. Let the dog not bark. Let whatever comes come! PAUL: Okay, Raj. RAJ: Do not judge. No value judgments at this time, please!

      Paul is meditating and trying to control his environment to meet the 'goal'. Raj asks him to allow and not try to control.

      Allow what happens to happen...

  6. Mar 2015
    1. And I began to shift gears slightly. I began, even, to be seen as someone who was rebelling against the teachings of my Essene elders. For I began to move away from striving for God, from striving for perfection, and began to cultivate within myself the process of allowing. I discovered that if I looked upon my perceptions, my feelings, my behavior, exactly as they were, without overshadowing them with my own interpretations — if I could teach myself to embrace things with innocence — veils began to be dissolved from my mind. For when I was nine years old, I had already learned to be fearful of thinking, or speaking, or acting, in a way that was not in conformity to the prevailing wisdom of that time, even within the Essene community, which had already become rather rigidified. There was already much dogma. And dogma always leads to bickering.