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  1. Nov 2018
    1. This paper identifies the beliefs held by two transformative learning theorists, Boyd (1998) and Mezirow (1997). The former believes that a transformative learning experience has a emotional component acting as a catalyst for change, whereas the latter believes in a more rational component for change to occur in an individual's view of life and their relation to the world.


  2. Aug 2018
    1. I had been a victim of something the sociologists Alice Marwick and danah boyd call context collapse, where people create online culture meant for one in-group, but exposed to any number of out-groups without its original context by social-media platforms, where it can be recontextualized easily and accidentally.
  3. Jun 2017
  4. Aug 2016
    1. there’s a story about how Twitter was more popular with black people than white people, years ahead of most mainstream coverage of the platform’s influential role in public discourse on race.

      interesting information about twitter