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  1. Sep 2022
    1. Consider another example—education. It is true that in most countries, asin the United States, a higher level of educational attainment is typically as-sociated with a lower risk of economic insecurity. But the penalties associatedwith low levels of educational attainment, and the rewards associated with highlevels of attainment, vary significantly by country. Full-time workers without ahigh school degree in Finland, for instance, report the same earnings as thosewith a high school degree. In the United States, however, these workers ex-perience a 24 percent earnings penalty for not completing high school.23 InNorway, a college degree yields only a 20 percent earnings increase over a highschool degree for full-time workers, versus a much higher 68 percent increase inthe United States.24 The percentage of those with a high school degree earningat or below the poverty threshold is more than 4 times higher in the UnitedStates than in Belgium.25

      The US penalizes those who don't complete high school to a higher degree than other countries and this can tend to lower our economic resiliency.

      American exceptionalism at play?

      Another factor at play with respect to https://hypothes.is/a/2uAmuEENEe2KentYKORSww

  2. Sep 2020
  3. Jul 2020
  4. May 2018
    1. UCF students who take at least 40 percent of their courses online complete their degrees an average of four months faster than other students, saving the students both time and money.
  5. Jan 2016
    1. In the past, you have had a sense of my being present with you where you are in your perception of things. But in the last twenty-four hours, you have grasped that when we are speaking, you are actively present with me, I will say, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the Fourth dimension, in the undistorted conscious experience of Being, even though almost none of it seems to be available to you, except for the presence of my words. This is, indeed, the way you make the shift. This is, indeed, the way you Graduate. This is, indeed, the way you relinquish an investment of trust in your perceptions, or in the three-dimensional-only frame of reference.

      Raj shares here how to graduate. Raj shares that when he and Paul are speaking they are in 4d, Beingness, and even though it may seem unavailable to Paul except through Raj's presence/words, the continues practice of tuning in with Raj facilitates the relinquishing of trust in 3d perceptions.

      S to I am hearing that we graduate by practising tuning into guidance which is in 4d and this supports the letting go of the fusion to 3d perceptions.