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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Primary Source Description Fela Kuti Panel Primary Source Description: The panel in the

      This page needs a title and an introduction. Imagine of someone just randomly opened this webpage... What information would they need to know to understand what the page is and does?

    1. These aspects tend to embody a “language” that words cannot express. It allows us as one to use our senses and become focus on a common belief/interpretation of how we envision ourselves in others that aren’t within the same culture.

      Interesting. What does this have to do with your reading of Haltman and Barras? What I'd like to see is more of an answer to this question.

      What was the experience of completing this project like for you? What was challenging or appealing about it? WHy do you think so?

      I'm really looking for your self-perceptions. Your insight into your own experiences.

    2. In conclusion

      What does this phrase do for you here? Do you need it? Why or why not?

    3. Animals play a big role in the creation of music because it help close a bridge between cultures that were established centuries ago.

      Interesting idea. Is this yours?

    4. portrays

      What does this word mean in this context?

    5. I feel this can be connected to the Hartman text because it states that material culture may have a physical form but there are also parts of a culture that are abstract.

      Actually, this isn't what Haltman means. He means that even abstract elements of a culture can take "object" form in the details of the objects the culture it creates. How does this change your ideas?