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  1. Aug 2023
    1. fertiliser, the challenge is more real, but there is still an important and obvious first step – eat less meat. A large part of the world’s agricultural system is dedicated to growing crops and vegetables to feed animals, which we then eat. Reduce the last part of this equation (i.e. eat less meat), and the huge inefficiencies in the system mean far less fertiliser is required.
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  2. Jun 2023
    1. rancio

      The system of rationing reached its extreme in the Nazi Lager. Nonetheless, Levi and many of his companions had already experienced the dilemmas of provisioning in the context of war and the violent repression enacted by the Salò Republic. This situation of scarcity and black market profiteering proved acute in the Valle d’Aosta to which Levi and his family had fled, along with many draft evaders and foreign Jews from the Balkans. When Levi joined his partisan comrades in the Col de Joux, they likewise experienced the challenges all partisans faced: how to safely secure supplies without alienating the local population or risking capture.


    2. gamella

      Levi’s reference to the bowl is significant. The bowl was the most important possession of the concentration camp prisoner. No bowl, no food. If you lost your bowl or had it stolen, you either starved or stole somebody else’s bowl. At night in the barracks, you slept with your bowl safe in your hand or under your body.

      The bowl is life.


      Subcamps of Auschwitz project

    3. sigaretta

      Levi explores the economy of cigarettes and smoking in the chapter of SQ entitled ‘Al di qua del bene e del male', where he explains that ‘Mahorca’, a low-quality tobacco, is officially distributed in the canteen in exchange for the coupons provided to the best worker, but because those coupons are distributed infrequently and inequitably, the tobacco is also sold unofficially in the Market, ‘in stretta obbedienza alle leggi dell’economia classica’, with the resulting booms and busts in price (OC I, 200-01). Because it can be exchanged for more food rations, newer clothing, and other vital necessities, ‘[f]ra i comuni Häftlinge, non sono molti quelli che ricercano di Mahorca per fumarlo personalmente; per lo più, esce dal campo, e finisce ai lavoratori civili della Buna’. That Deutsch is smoking during this work detail is thus a sign of his status and position within the camp.


  3. Sep 2022
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  4. Aug 2022
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  5. Nov 2020
    1. 1.Austausch von Wissen und Erfahrungen, gegenseitige Unterstützung. 2.Aufbau einer Interessengemscheinaft. Gemeinsame Entwicklung, soweit das mit den unterschiedlichen Programmen möglich ist.3.Einen Software-Standard für Verwaltungssoftware entwickeln (also die Programme zueinander kompatibel zu machen, soweit das möglich ist), damit·man diese Komponenten gemeinsam entwickeln kann·diese später vielleicht sogar untereinander austauschbar oder miteinander kombinierbar sind·neue Programmierer mitmachen können, statt allein von vorne anzufangenBetrifft z.B.:·Datenbankstrukturen·Dateiformate·interne und externe APIs4.Entscheidung für eine Software, die wir zukünftig unterstützen, finanziell und entwicklungstechnisch. Die Software soll durch möglichst viele Solawis und Solawi-Typen nutzen können und soll gleichzeitig modular und selbständig durch die Solawis erweitert werden können.

      Die Beispiele können erweitert werden durch die Vorarbeiten die @yova im internationalen Kontext mit Solidbase und in seiner wissenschaftlichen Abschlussarbeit untersucht hat.

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    1. A website called Open Food Facts, run by mostly French volunteers, has started the herculean labour of creating an open database of packaged foods around the world and listing where they fit into on the Nova system.