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  1. Oct 2018
  2. cconlinejournal.org cconlinejournal.org
    1. the activities the participants claimed they used a computer to complete during their average day.

      Interesting that most of these are passive activities--watching TV and buying items. Uploading photos might be the most complex tasks students have done.

  3. Jun 2014
    1. A fundamental task for public philosophy is to attend to the work the public is doing in developing its own self-conception.

      This strikes me as a very productive way of identifying an important aspect of public philosophy. On the one hand, it allows us to distinguish between philosophers who think more people should be listening to them and philosophers who think they should be listening to more people. On the other hand, it suggests and leaves open a number of questions that can be addressed in and through the work public philosophers are doing in developing their own self-conceptions.