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    1. they strongly support the development of ‘public goods’ for the Ethereum and crypto networks
      • for: China - support for public goods for Ethereum

      • research

        • do literature review to validate Michel's claim
    1. In addition, owners of privately-registered domains who themselves issue subdomains to mutually-untrusting parties may wish to be added to the PRIVATE section of the list.
  2. Oct 2023
    1. ArtistWorks provides world-class instruction for the most popular string and band instruments through self-paced video lessons from professional musicians.

      Under "Extras" in the Libby app: https://libbyapp.com

    1. I assumed, unreflectively, that he had made up the whole thing, simply because for a long time that’s what I would have done.

      Is it possible that many on the far right don't believe science or facts about how people live because they've got a fabulist streak in themselves? They're so used to lying about basic facts about themselves that their first thought is that "everyone else is doing it".

      Now compound this with their utter lack of context as well as their privilege and you've got a terrific cocktail for bad decisions.

    1. il y a la gratuité aussi c'est un des un des principes
    2. le quatrième principe quatrième principe du service public la 00:52:38 continuité donc la continuité elle peut être temporelle je vous parlais des permanences 7 jours sur 7 24 heures sur 24 tant qu'à mineur est présent tant qu'à mineur nous est confié mais aussi la continuité dans la transmission des 00:52:52 informations peut-être que la seule chose qu'on va attendre de vous ça sera que vous disiez au chef d'établissement à l'assistant assistance sociale à l'infirmier à l'infirmière que vous avez reçu une confidence donc cette nécessité 00:53:04 d'une chaîne cohérente et protectrice qui va garantir une prise en charge adaptée pour pour nos usagers
    3. le troisième principe c'est l'adaptabilité
    4. second principe du service public l'égalité c'est aussi un des termes de la devise républicaine mais l'égalité qu'est-ce que c'est c'est une promesse
    5. le premier principe c'est la légalité c'est le contraire de la militance alors la militant c'est très très important c'est extrêmement important 00:48:35 mais dans le champ du service public on pourrait pas avoir un territoire en tâche de léopard là moi je suis d'accord j'aime je m'engage je milite et là non bah moi ça m'intéresse pas le harcèlement la protection de l'enfance 00:48:46 non ça m'intéresse pas l'accueil des élèves allophones non ça me dit rien c'est pas mon truc donc un service public c'est c'est la garantie d'une action 00:48:58 publique qui est prévisible sur un territoire indépendamment des convictions indépendamment des opinions indépendamment des subjectivités avec pour fondement la loi
    6. principes du service public le premier c'est la légalité
    7. application des principes du service public
    1. European-based

      different views of gender- less binary in non Europe

    2. These changes in thinking about the body were influenced by cultural shifts related to industrialization and the differentiation of domestic and public spheres.
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    1. He says that ultimately, about 50% of participants who were screened to be part of the control group couldn’t be included because of continuing symptoms.

      Honestly, this should be the headline. A full 50% of people who volunteered to be in the control were actually still suffering symptoms! Half! Of a self-selected group!

    1. The popularity of these coffeehouses attracted government interest and were attended by government spies to gather public opinion.

      gathering public opinion from Ottoman Coffeehouses

  4. Aug 2023
    1. there is a disconnect between the long period of evolution that honed our humanity and the short period of rapid technology change we are facing.
      • for: progress trap, quote, quote - progress trap, quote Brian Southwell, Science in the Public Sphere Program, RTI International
      • quote

        • We are likely to make some gains in personal health, are likely to face some collective concerns in terms of environmental health and
        • are not likely to cope with the alienation and despair that is a part of a life lived largely online.
        • In the latter case, there is a disconnect between the long period of evolution that honed our humanity and
        • the short period of rapid technology change we are facing.
      • author: Brian Southwell

        • director, Science in the Public Sphere Program, RTI International
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    1. The most serious effort toward testing the appeasement strategy to avoid democratization comes from Morrison (2009), whose results show a positive relationship between grants per capita and social spending in a sample of dictatorships.
    1. Try your best to be right, but don’t worry when you’re wrong. Repeatedly. If you feel uncomfortable, or like an impostor, good. You’re pushing yourself. Don’t assume you know everything, but try your best anyway, and let the internet correct you when you are inevitably wrong. Wear your noobyness on your sleeve.


    1. Commentary: Causal Inferencefor Social Exposures

      Commentary: Causal Inference for Social Exposures



    1. In a letter to the Times Book Review in November, 1971, Nabokov wrote, “I am aware that my former friend is in poor health but in the struggle between the dictates of compassion and those of personal honor the latter wins.”
    1. Private possession and breeding of prohibited wildlife species have a substantial and direct effect on interstate commerce because prohibited wildlife species are frequently bred and possessed to be used in public exhibition or for sale or transfer of ownership in the exotic pet trade, and are often transported in interstate commerce for these purposes.

      How private possession and breeding impacts interstate commerce and the public

    2. The private possession, breeding, and sale of prohibited wildlife species has a substantial and detrimental effect on the health and general welfare of the people of the United States and on the conservation of the species themselves.

      This reasoning can be extrapolated to extend to a Small Cat Public Safety Act

  6. Jun 2023
  7. learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.content.blackboardcdn.com learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.content.blackboardcdn.com
    1. The problem with that presumption is that people are alltoo willing to lower standards in order to make the purported newcomer appear smart. Justas people are willing to bend over backwards and make themselves stupid in order tomake an AI interface appear smart

      AI has recently become such a big thing in our lives today. For a while I was seeing chatgpt and snapchat AI all over the media. I feel like people ask these sites stupid questions that they already know the answer too because they don't want to take a few minutes to think about the answer. I found a website stating how many people use AI and not surprisingly, it shows that 27% of Americans say they use it several times a day. I can't imagine how many people use it per year.

  8. May 2023
    1. At the 'Library of Things' in Sachsenhausen Library Centre, people can borrow objects they might otherwise need to buy
      • Comment
        • Question
          • How much material would be freed up if it was SHARED instead of hoarded by one person?
          • related questions
            • what kind of behavioral change is required to reach an impactful level of sharing?
            • in a sense, public-instead-of-private
              • transportation
              • etc
            • is the ultimate expression of private converted to public
    1. Musicpsychologydefinesgrooveashumans’pleasureableurgeto movetheirbodyin syn-chronywithmusic.Pastresearchhasfoundthatrhythmicsyncopation,eventdensity,beatsalience,andrhythmicvariabilityarepositivelyassociatedwithgroove
    2. The ABAC Song Form
    4. Bebop Blues
    9. The AABA Song Form
    10. Phrase Models
    12. Pentatonics and Hexatonics
    14. DROP 2
    15. Chord–Scale Theory
    16. Post-Tonal Jazz
    17. Jazz Reharmonization
    18. Bebop
    19. Idiomatic Jazz Progressions
    20. Keyboard Textures
    21. Jazz Lead Sheets
    22. Improvisation
    23. The Blues
    24. Chord–Scale Theory
    25. Diatonic Modes
    26. Swing
    27. Syncopation
    28. Jazz Rhythm
    29. Modes
    30. The II–V–I Progression
    1. As Schuller points out: “There is no question in my mind that the classical world can learn much about timing. rhythmic accuracy and subtlety from jazz musicians, as jazz musicians can in dynamics. structure and contrast from the classical musicians.”
    1. Dynamics are yet another aspect of composition over which McNeely exercises deliberate and organized control. Writing for a high level ensemble such as the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, he is able to demand and receive a great deal of nuance, shape and color. McNeely uses an extraordinarily high number of dynamic markings throughout all his arrangements and in particular here. Undulating hairpin (crescendo followed by immediate decrescendo) shapes are prevalent with each dynamic level marked 14specifically. As a rule, the ensemble exaggerates the dynamic shapes, often in ways that give prominence to the dynamics over and above elements of harmony and melody. In this respect, the dynamics may sometimes be considered a compositional device of equal importance. This general approach to dynamics as shapes is characteristic of all three of the compositions studied herein.
    1. patterns are often called‘formulas’, ‘licks’, ‘stock-phrases’, and ‘riffs’. The maindifferences between these terms lie in their supposed ori-gin, their function, and their musical characteristics .
    1. United States biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical companies are conducting and paying African doctors to conduct unethical and illegal testing of human subjects. Nonconsensual research on human subjects is an atrocity that occurred in Tuskegee, Alabama, and in Guatemala for over forty years. Once outlawed in the U.S., medical researchers began experimenting on thousands of human research subjects without their consent in Cameroon, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

    1. ge majorities in all the countries surveyed – ranging from 60% in Sweden, 63% in Germany and 65% in the UK to 77% in Spain, 79% in France and 81% in Italy – said they were very or fairly worried about climate change and its effects.

      Eine YouGov-Umfrage in 7 europäischen Ländern zeigt, dass eine große Mehrheit wegen der globalen Erhitzung besorgt ist und eingreifende Maßnahmen der Regierungen dagegen begrüßt, dass aber zur Zeit nur Minderheiten Veränderungen wie dem Verbot von Verbrennern zustimmen, die deutliche Folgen für ihre Alltagsleben hätten. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/may/02/many-europeans-want-climate-action-but-less-so-if-it-changes-their-lifestyle-shows-poll

  9. Apr 2023
    1. ’instruction obligatoire peut être donnée aux enfants âgés de trois à six ans dans un établissement d’accueil soit collectif recevant exclusivement des enfants âgés de plus de deux ans dit “jardin d’enfants” géré, financé ou conventionné par une collectivité publique, soit associatif, ouvert à la date d’entrée en vigueur de la loi n° 2019‑791 du 26 juillet 2019 pour une école de la confiance

      c'est pour favoriser les structures privées et DDSP ?

    2. sur des fondations et sur des associations.