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  1. Apr 2019
    1. If what I’ve written resonates with some people, I think this is a very lucky accident, and it’s very meaningful to me to be able to communicate that way. Also, on page two, one of the co-workers says something about looking like a hipster, which really dates the book to 2016 — this is how fast things move. I wasn’t thinking about millennials at the time, and I’d rather people approach the book fresh, respond to the content without any expectations, draw their own meaning (or not! that’s fine, too) from the direct experience of the read. You know, the same way you should approach life. [Laughs.]
    2. I don’t think it’s mentally ill to have existential thoughts, or any kind of philosophical thoughts. This should be the root of a healthy, inquisitive mind. What’s harmful is her isolation.
    3. Another thing I was thinking about when I started the book was maybe “apartment thrillers” like Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby, where the space of the home becomes antagonistic, so having this loop of violence and murder in the background, and her occasional thoughts of home invasions (Tom Jordan, Elodie and the dog walker, et cetera) fit that, too. Maybe there’s something about lack of safety going on there.
    4. I think I often feel like, “What the hell am I supposed to be doing again?” So that’s probably why I’m drawn to writing about people who are making lamebrained decisions, or are pseudo-valiantly refusing to make decisions, or some combination of that.

      I like the honesty behind Halle Butler's The New Me, which is a quite sparkling book.

  2. Jan 2019
  3. Dec 2018
    1. , Octavia Butler

      I discovered Octavia Butler when I was living in New Zealand doing my dissertation research (first stop at research locations was always the public library) and found Kindred on the shelf. I then read the Xenogenesis trilogy, which I just discovered was published as Lillith's Brood.. As a foreign visitor in a mysterious land, both the time travel and the alien visitation appealed to me.

  4. Dec 2015
    1. performance and deform

      I wonder if we can work Butler in here, thinking about how she imagines gender as a performance?

  5. May 2015