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  1. Oct 2020
  2. Mar 2018
    1. Through the manipulation of the audio embedded in the vinyl, this content employs aural modes and thus a connection is initiated

      What do you mean by this? What kind of connection?

    1. ng, ‘The revolution will not make you look five pounds thinner’? My songs were always about the tone of voice rather than

      It's really useful to have quotations in here! Great

    2. Andy Greene is a writer for Rollingstone who has written around 10 well documented articles for the  company. This article detailed a history of Scott-Heron’s music history and who he performed with and when. Even mentioning tat he had written a book when he was was 20.

      one sentence

    3. Dead at

      Interesting you have more than one obit here...

    4. as useful to my research

      What counts as "useful"?

    5. Greg Morrison has experience as a executive producer, editor, reporter and producer. Some companies include CNN, WXIA, BET, and NBC. Denise Quan has been a entertainment journalist and producer, with over 18 years of experience at CNN. This article details and informs readers of the death of Gil Scott-Heron and a brief overview of his life


    6. , and others who are interested in or involved in the attainment in knowledge regarding African American politic

      This seems a little vague... What does McClure what to have happen in the world because of this volume of work?

    7. The author provides over two pages of evidence including books, magazines, newspaper articles, and websites. This evidence comes from primary sources such as Gil Scott-Heron’s work and secondary sources such as Business Week. McClure’s purpose in writing this article is to provide information and inspire thought on the lives of African American Politics, in this case Gil Scott-Heron.

      combine into one sentence... what happens when you do this?

    8. era.”

      page number?

    1. To conclude

      What does this phrase communicate? What does it mean? Why here? What does it do?

    2. Appropriately named storm music it features some of his more thunderous and fiery works including “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, “Pieces of a Man”, “Free Will”, “Is That Jazz” and more.

      None of the highlighted material in this paragraph "describes" the image...

    3. This photo is perhaps my favorite in the panel

      Just description?

    4. This picture is located in the bottom left of panel and features the cover photo of Gil Scott-Heron’s album titled “Reflections”

      Are you just describing the panel here?

    5. This flag is known as the Pan-African flag and shows how deeply embedded Scott-Heron is with his roots

      Are you only describing here?

    6. in which he walked the earth

      Is this objective? or colorful language?

    7. dark and mysterious

      Objective or subjective language here?

  3. May 2016
    1. Because many of the theories deal with issues of power, students on the margin for particular reasons--ethnicity, class, ability--;ire often more receptive to the basic ideological premises of these theories than are their more privileged peers, who sometimes respond to theories such as gender and class as using the master's tools to dismantle the tnaster's house.

      This is a really awesome thought and it makes a lot of sense to me. In general, I really dislike when certain texts or concepts are left out of non-honors/AP curricula because I think it's dismissive of students' abilities. At my current student teaching placement Romeo & Juliet is being significantly "dumbed down", and as an educator and lover of Shakespeare it's making me very sad. :(