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    1. Advancement occurs as a reward for connectedness and usefulness, not for elite recognition.

      Change the metric of EDU success from excellence to connectedness and usefulness.

    2. Open knowledge institutions of higher learning foreground and prioritise the constituent communities that their students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, partners and collaborators both comprise and promote.
  5. Aug 2018
    1. Ten Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity
    2. a self-elected “rogue” state

      A singular description of Facebook.

    3. Unfortunately, powerful institutions co-opted their efforts and kept them from fully realizing their goals.

      Very clear assessment of what happened to OpenID.

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    1. what Gary Olson and Lynn Worsham describe as "that very moment in which identities are being produced and groups are being constituted, or objects are being created

      Related to OKP's focus on the generation of identities and communities in the context of knowledge practices.

    2. Far more than a teaching method, education is a moral and political practice actively involved not only in the production of knowledge, skills and values but also in the construction of identities, modes of identification, and forms of individual and social agency.

      As in OKP's literacies, skills, identities, communities. Should values and agency be included in this list or are they the products of these other focuses?

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    1. has used annotations (and the related techniques of footnotes and citations) extensively for centuries

      In some non-trivial ways, this might be key to how people have defined “scholars”, including religious ones.

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    1. Consequently, they are willingto invest considerable energy and resources in maintaining good so-cial relations with its members by participating in family rituals –birthdays, baptisms,quinceaneras(adolescent girls' "debutante"par-ties), showers, weddings, Christmas dinners, outings, and so on (fordetails, see Tapia, 1991)

      Part of their identities as Mexicans living around the border too

  12. newclasses.nyu.edu newclasses.nyu.edu
    1. As a cultural system, and one that no one is born into, this entire figured world of AA is new to neophytes.

      Interesting - especially in thinking about the cultural reproduction and longevity of AA. Located at an intersection of most group identities