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  1. Apr 2018
    1. Be smart about killing and moving; if there is a closed fold, act on the entire fold.

      This is very good

  2. Mar 2017
  3. Feb 2017
    1. Another remedy is to look carefully at the exact meanings of words used to describe women's activities in the early Christian Church. Willard gives further examples of readings in which literal and loose inter-pretations are irrationally mixed

      Did she pull the John Kerry move?

      In a way, she got her foot in the door by using Bible quotes and American history. Now she says that some of it needs another look... preferably through eyes that are partial to temperance.

    2. Mattingly has shown, Willard and the temperance women who followed her lead also made heavy use of tmditional cultuml references, especially to the Bible and American history, to identify their reforms with accepted values.

      Appealing to higher authority... good move.

  4. Dec 2016
  5. Oct 2013
    1. The eloquent divine, then, when he is urging a practical truth, must not only teach so as to give instruction, and please so as to keep up the attention, but he must also sway the mind so as to subdue the will. For if a man be not moved by the force of truth, though it is demonstrated to his own confession, and clothed in beauty of style, nothing remains but to subdue him by the power of eloquence.

      It's interesting that he links the divine or persuasion of the spirit with rhetorical persuasion