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  1. Aug 2022
  2. Jul 2022
    1. the series really is a is a proposal for an rd r d program aimed at as new de novo development of new societal systems 00:45:54 and it's also a way to context and a way to think about what transformation might mean so uh it is it is a long-term project you know like a 50-year 00:46:07 project this isn't we're not it would be dangerous to change society radically overnight so this is a long-term project for long-term benefit and then early communities that become that become involved early in that 00:46:20 process would of course see benefits quite early um and there are i already mentioned that we cover six primary societal systems so that's the cognitive architecture 00:46:33 once again they are economic governance legal public health and what i call analytical forecasting and education and you know any one of those can be 00:46:45 broken down further like economic really me and also includes a monetary system and the financial system and things like that

      Does it address the climate emergency, which requires urgent action within the next 5 years?

  3. Mar 2022
  4. Nov 2021
    1. Le chef d'établissement réunit, au cours du premier trimestre, les responsables des listes de candidats qui ont obtenu des voix lors de l'élection des représentants de parents d'élèves au conseil d'administration, pour désigner les deux délégués titulaires et les deux délégués suppléants des parents d'élèves de chaque classe, à partir des listes qu'ils présentent à cette fin. Le chef d'établissement répartit les sièges compte tenu des suffrages obtenus lors de cette élection
  5. Oct 2021
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    1. Author and librarian Nancy Pearl advocates the “Rule of 50.” This entails reading the first 50 pages of a book and then deciding if it is worth finishing. The Rule of 50 has an interesting feature: once you are over the age of 50, subtract your age from 100 and read that many pages. Pearl writes: “And if, at the bottom of Page 50, all you are really interested in is who marries whom, or who the murderer is, then turn to the last page and find out. If it’s not on the last page, turn to the penultimate page, or the antepenultimate page, or however far back you have to go to discover what you want to know.…When you are 51 years of age or older, subtract your age from 100, and the resulting number (which, of course, gets smaller every year) is the number of pages you should read before you can guiltlessly give up on a book.…When you turn 100, you are authorized (by the Rule of 50) to judge a book by its cover.”
  7. Aug 2021
    1. Selena habría cumplido 50 años

      En este reportaje que hace El Tiempo, hace un recuento de su vida, analizando el apego de dos culturas muy distintas, pero son vecinas y que con el paso del tiempo se han vuelto casi opuestas. La cultura latina, en ese tiempo estaba muy desvalorizada contra la cultura americana y Selena en compañía de su familia que era su misma banda instrumental llamada "Los Dinos", recorrieron Estados Unidos y México, dándose a conocer con una mezcla de ambas culturas, debido al origen de la familia de Selena que se había independizado en Texas.

  8. Jul 2021
    1. RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100113-50

      DOI: 10.7554/eLife.35796

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-GENO-100113-50,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100113-50)

      Curator: @evieth

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100113-50

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    1. ZFIN: ZDB-GENO-100412-50

      DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.07.064

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-GENO-100412-50,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100412-50)

      Curator: @mpairish

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100412-50

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    1. ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-100412-50

      DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005798

      Resource: (ZFIN Cat# ZDB-GENO-100412-50,RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100412-50)

      Curator: @mpairish

      SciCrunch record: RRID:ZFIN_ZDB-GENO-100412-50

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  9. Mar 2021
    1. Results for individual PALB2 variants were normalized relative to WT-PALB2 and the p.Tyr551ter (p.Y551X) truncating variant on a 1:5 scale with the fold change in GFP-positive cells for WT set at 5.0 and fold change GFP-positive cells for p.Y551X set at 1.0. The p.L24S (c.71T>C), p.L35P (c.104T>C), p.I944N (c.2831T>A), and p.L1070P (c.3209T>C) variants and all protein-truncating frame-shift and deletion variants tested were deficient in HDR activity, with normalized fold change <2.0 (approximately 40% activity) (Fig. 1a).

      AssayResult: 3.9

      AssayResultAssertion: Indeterminate

      StandardErrorMean: 0.04

    2. A total of 84 PALB2 patient-derived missense variants reported in ClinVar, COSMIC, and the PALB2 LOVD database were selected

      HGVS: NM_024675.3:c.3073G>A p.(Ala1025Thr)

    1. Source Data

      AssayResult: 56.67

      AssayResultAssertion: Not reported

      ReplicateCount: 4

      StandardErrorMean: 12.4

      Comment: Exact values reported in “Source Data” file.

    2. Source Data

      AssayResult: 21.79

      AssayResultAssertion: Abnormal

      ReplicateCount: 2

      StandardDeviation: 1.84

      StandardErrorMean: 1.3

      Comment: Exact values reported in “Source Data” file.

    3. We, therefore, analyzed the effect of 48 PALB2 VUS (Fig. 2a, blue) and one synthetic missense variant (p.A1025R) (Fig. 2a, purple)29 on PALB2 function in HR.

      HGVS: NM_024675.3:c.3209T>C p.(L1070P)

    1. Most Suspected Brugada Syndrome Variants Had (Partial) Loss of Function

      AssayResult: 0.2

      AssayResultAssertion: Abnormal

      ReplicateCount: 25

      StandardErrorMean: 0.2

      Comment: This variant had loss of function of peak current (<10% of wildtype), therefore it was considered abnormal (in vitro features consistent with Brugada Syndrome Type 1). (Personal communication: A. Glazer)

    2. we selected 73 previously unstudied variants: 63 suspected Brugada syndrome variants and 10 suspected benign variants

      HGVS: NM_198056.2:c.4140C>A p.(Asn1380Lys)

  10. Feb 2021
    1. Supplemental material

      AssayResult: 69

      AssayResultAssertion: Normal

      Comment: See Table S2 for details

    2. Supplemental material

      AssayResult: 7.1

      AssayResultAssertion: Abnormal

      Comment: See Table S2 for details

    3. We analysed a total of 82 blood samples derived from 77 individuals (online supplemental table 3). These 77 individuals corresponded either to new index cases suspected to harbour a pathogenic TP53 variant or to relatives of index cases harbouring TP53 variants.

      HGVS: NM_000546.5:c.904G>A p.(Gly302Arg)

    1. bird counts across the United States have fallen a staggering 29 percent in the last 50 years

      29% in 50 years? That means in the next 50 years half of the bird population could decrease!

  11. Sep 2020
  12. Mar 2018
    1. Home change would have to be made in the duration of the Parliaments of the local systems, and it was thought desirable that the term of existence of the General Legislature should be longer than any that could possibly be adopted for the local bodies.

      §.50 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    2. What was desired was that elections and dissolutions of Parliament should take place with sufficient frequency to ensure that the representatives should truly represent the people.

      §.50 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

    3. It was also proposed that the duration of Parliament should be extended from four to five years. The reason for adopting this coarse was that under our present system Parliaments seldom lasted longer than three years. In England where their legal duration was seven years, it was found, on an examination of the records of the last sixty or seventy years, that the average length of each Parliament was only a trifle over four years.

      §.50 of the Constitution Act, 1867.