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    1. plants are tender, warm-season crops that love the sun and cannot bear frost. It’s important not to put


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    1. If by the ’90s, psychiatry had not totally succeeded in winning the public’s belief in its beneficence, there was at least widespread consensus that mental illnesses were disease entities, with as much of a biological basis as cancer or diabetes.

      No mention of the dad-nextdoor psychiatrist Dr. Jason Siever portrayed by Alan Thicke on the popular television show Growing Pains that may have helped to calm some of the furor from 1985-1992?

  6. Jun 2021
    1. I told my parents not to get close to the school. A lot of students had to walk home far distances, scared of their parents going for them because they stayed out there for a while and they were stopping cars coming out of the school. They stopped the teachers, they stopped everybody just because of the color of their skin. You got stopped and you got asked for papers or ID, even though a lot of us knew it was illegal for them to stay outside of a school and ask for papers.
    2. The fear. The constant fear, that actually came true [Chuckles], of your family members being deported or coming home from school because since I was underage, I kind of knew that I was safe from that because they weren't going to raid schools, like middle schools and stuff like that. But it was a constant fear of coming home and being told that, I don't know, your dad's not coming back or your mom's not coming back. And it did happen like that. Unfortunately, my father was working and he was raided. So he got taken away and then when I came back home one day from school, my mom told me. It was really hard.
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    1. "When walking in a group of three, there is bound to be someone I can learn from: There will be good qualities that I can imitate, and reflect on bad qualities that I can correct in myself."
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    1. So here’s a more rounded picture of millennials than the one I started with. All of which I also have data for. They’re earnest and optimistic. They embrace the system. They are pragmatic idealists, tinkerers more than dreamers, life hackers. Their world is so flat that they have no leaders, which is why revolutions from Occupy Wall Street to Tahrir Square have even less chance than previous rebellions. They want constant approval–they post photos from the dressing room as they try on clothes. They have massive fear of missing out and have an acronym for everything (including FOMO). They’re celebrity obsessed but don’t respectfully idolize celebrities from a distance. (Thus Us magazine’s “They’re just like us!” which consists of paparazzi shots of famous people doing everyday things.) They’re not into going to church, even though they believe in God, because they don’t identify with big institutions; one-third of adults under 30, the highest percentage ever, are religiously unaffiliated. They want new experiences, which are more important to them than material goods. They are cool and reserved and not all that passionate. They are informed but inactive: they hate Joseph Kony but aren’t going to do anything about Joseph Kony. They are probusiness. They’re financially responsible; although student loans have hit record highs, they have less household and credit-card debt than any previous generation on record–which, admittedly, isn’t that hard when you’re living at home and using your parents’ credit card. They love their phones but hate talking on them.
    1. Shawn and Cory and Tom are three of my best friends in the universe, they know me better than I know myself, and I met them online, thirteen years ago, on an Animal Crossing message board. Like, what the fuck is that? That’s beautiful.
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    1. Six to eight hours of at-a-stretch sunlight coming from your south facing window, is optimum for your potted plant provided there is enough ventilation in the area as well. Moderate heat is what roses require in order to thrive beautifully.

      If you want your flowers to grow up nice you are going to have to go ask somebody that know a lot about flowers. This matters to people because they don't want a bad job on working on something they really like something. This connect to my life because when I was like 6,7,8 i really didn't like flowers and they had me taking care of it.

    2. Based on the water retaining capacity of the soil in the pot you may need to water it daily or on alternate days. Once blooming stops, keeping it dry for some time in between watering does not hurt. Fertilization mainly consists of water-soluble varieties on a monthly basis

      people will have to put water on the plants every day take care of it all the time like a baby. This matters because there are people that work and won't be able to water the plants on time. This connect to my life because sometimes I us to forget all about me watering the flowers and my mom us to get mad

    3. The very first step for growing roses as indoor houseplants is the planting process. A four to eight inch pot containing drainage holes is ideal. Plant roses in the layer of peat soil inside the pot.

      many people may not know what to do when they are growing roses at home. This matters because let's say that you are trying to make money out of the flores you making at home and one day you get home and see that all your flores die because you did do all the right things at home for the flores to be good.

    4. One of the popular methods is growing the flowers indoors. It is not difficult and through relevant knowledge, it is possible to fill up your house with these fragrant blossoms.

      there is some people that don't got a hallway.this matters because not all people gos space outside there house to grow flowers out there. If i connect this to my life it will be different because my house in Honduras we are able to grow plants outside.

    1. Your calculations become even more complex because you must anticipate the number of marijuana plants you’re growing, and the diameter and height of your marijuana plants when they’re in bloom phase.

      Your calculations become even more complex because you must anticipate the number of marijuana plants you’re growing, and the diameter and height of your marijuana plants when they’re in bloom phase

      this matters because if u think that a small bulb will grow all your weed in a big room your wrong.

      this don't connect to me because i never had my own grow weed room.

    2. The generic rule is you want at least 35-40 watts of light for every square foot of plant space.

      The generic rule is you want at least 35-40 watts of light for every square foot of plant space.

      this matters because u need the right watts to grow your weed to stay strong.

      this connects to me because i seen how many light/watts u need.

  13. Sep 2015
    1. ITM is based on the theory of temperament. Temperament is a quality resulting from the interaction of opposite properties present in elements consisting of minute particles. Thus, a uniform quality occurs which is present in all of them. Hotness, coldness, moistness, and dryness are four temperaments that naturally occur in every existingsubstance including living creatures (2)

      These temperments match up with the four-fold alchemical division that uses the same four qualities of heat, cold, moisture and dryness.

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