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  1. May 2022
  2. Sep 2021
    1. Una de las tareas que debe cumplir el profesorcomo instructor es la de enseñarles a los estudianteshabilidades de colaboración. Muchos estudiantes–especialmente los más brillantes– se resisten inicial-mente a trabajar en equipos. Además, los conflictosinterpersonales –que usualmente tienen que ver condiferencias entre los integrantes con respecto a habili-dad, sentido de responsabilidad, ética– inevitablemen-te se acrecientan en el trabajo en grupo y pueden inter-ferir seriamente con su efectividad. Por esta razón, esconveniente que el profesor, como instructor, enseñeestas habilidades de resolución de problemas y de tra-bajo en equipo. No solo es importante colaborar paraaprender, sino aprender a colaborar
  3. Jul 2020
  4. Mar 2020
    1. she wanted us to create a research paper about – well, about anything basically. Um, she gave us a bunch of ideas. She ac – like, she gave us, like, um, ideas like – hmm, like organic foods, GMOs, and just, like, you know, just problems in our society. But then, I chose, um, gentrification, so that’s what that’s about.

      "she" is the instructor, so this interview starts with "helper" idea right away

  5. Feb 2020
    1. Two Instructors Share Their Perspective At the Instructor Insights page for 7.341 The Microbiome and Drug Delivery: Cross-species Communication in Health and Disease, you can find a video interview with the course’s instructors, Dr. Ali Beyzavi and Dr. Miguel Jimenez.

      Instructor insights

  6. Jun 2019
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  8. Nov 2018
    1. One instructor's use of Slack, comparing and contrasting other LMS (but he used Canvas); good basic breakdown of the conversational tools and samples of how hey can be used; This is a great primer of Slack's use in the classroom (5/5)

    1. Use of Slack in a FACE-TO-FACE class and how much it increased interaction; brings up a point that concerns me and that's what happens when the instructor/TA appear to be available 24/7 given the nature of Slack; good exploration of motivating students to use it (4/5)

  9. Oct 2016
    1. A teacher’s presence in learning activities and as part of community in online learn-ing environments is motivational (McIntyre 2011).
  10. Sep 2016
    1. Activities such as time spent on task and discussion board interactions are at the forefront of research.

      Really? These aren’t uncontroversial, to say the least. For instance, discussion board interactions often call for careful, mixed-method work with an eye to preventing instructor effect and confirmation bias. “Time on task” is almost a codeword for distinctions between models of learning. Research in cognitive science gives very nuanced value to “time spent on task” while the Malcolm Gladwells of the world usurp some research results. A major insight behind Competency-Based Education is that it can allow for some variance in terms of “time on task”. So it’s kind of surprising that this summary puts those two things to the fore.