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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Apr 2022
    1. My Nitter and Miniflux combo on YunoHost still going well for [[reading tweets without being on Twitter]]. I use it to keep up with what's going on with organisations local to me, who are still on legacy social media platforms. Could still do with something that works well for RSSifying Facebook.

      Very interesting! Have you noded instructions on how to reproduce?

  3. Oct 2021
    1. I do like the phrase 'digital garden' but I still don't feel comfortable enough to not put it in quotes.

      Interesting! I sometimes wonder if I should just use 'personal wiki' instead. What do you use?

    2. Follow people wherever they are (including the big silos). This is with a [[social reader]]. Write locally, in my [[personal wiki]], first. This is with [[org-roam]]. Publish on my own site, my '[[digital garden]]'. I for sure own the data this way. This is via [[Micropub]] (stream), and [[org-publish]] (garden). Syndicate things elsewhere, wherever the community best fits for my post. But don't feed the big tech beasts. This is via [[Webmentions]], [[brid.gy]]. Interact with people wherever they are, but still via my own site if possible. Some combo of [[social reader]], [[Micropub]], [[brid.gy]]. At present, a combo of [[org-mode]], [[IndieWeb]], [[Fediverse]], [[Agora]] make this possible for me.


  4. Sep 2021
    1. I think Marshall McLuhan knew it all. I really do. Not exactly what it would look like, but his view and Postman’s view that we are creating a digital global nervous system is a way they put it, it was exactly right. A nervous system, it was such the exact right metaphor. And he didn’t — it’s not that they saw it exactly, but I really love those mid-century media critics because they saw something happening clearer than we see it now. And it is a nervous system. I’m a huge Marshall McLuhan stan.

      We are creating physical infrastructure to scale, enhance, and amplify human capabilities to extend our reach beyond the constraints of time and space.

  5. Sep 2020
    1. ARCHIVIST (overlapping) Mm, they were… Well, let’s just say it’s not a complete shock there was something unnatural to them. Didn’t know we had copies in the Institute, though, let alone original cuts. [He laughs.] ARCHIVIST (CONT’D) Records indicate they ended up in… (paper flips) Artefact Storage.
    1. Dexter clearly wasn’t sleeping. He had insisted on using old equipment, and avoided digital almost entirely, to the point where several of the crew were using pieces of kit they’d never even seen before. This meant that a work print had to be made manually for the dailies, something he refused to let anyone else do.

      Noted by jjhunter on RQO.

  6. Aug 2019
    1. Give both men 30 seconds to solo, and Frusciante would blow Young off the stage, just as Duane Allman would blow Frusciante off the stage. Young is something else, though.
  7. Aug 2017
    1. There are many celebrated writers in this world, but few ever reach the rockstar-level status of dark fantasy author Neil Gaiman.

      Love him!

  8. Aug 2016
    1.  As Neil Selwyn (2013) notes, the expansion of technology (and the rise of EdTech) coincides with a growth in libertarian ideals and neoliberal governmental policies, a one-two punch of individual exceptionalism and belief in the power of the outsider.