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    1. 权威各种DNS有什么区别?比如帝恩思小编的电脑上配置的是DNS114.114.114.114,但是www.dns.com用的是帝恩思dns.com的DNS,这两种DNS有什么区别?这里就做一些解释。首先,DNS按功能(角色)的分类:1.权威DNS:权威DNS是经过上一级授权对域名进行解析的服务器,同时它可以把解析授权转授给其他人,如COM顶级服务器可以授权dns.com这个域名的的权威服务器为NS.ABC.COM,同时NS.ABC.COM还可以把授权转授给NS.DDD.COM,这样NS.DDD.COM就成了ABC.COM实际上的权威服务器了。平时我们解析域名的结果都源自权威DNS。比如dns.com的权威DNS服务器就是帝恩思的ns1.dns.com ns2.dns.com2.递归DNS:负责接受用户对任意域名查询,并返回结果给用户。递归DNS可以缓存结果以避免重复向上查询。我们平时使用最多的就是这类DNS,他对公众开放服务,一般由网络运营商提供,大家都自己可以架递归DNS提供服务。递归DNS一定要有可靠的互联网连接方可使用。比如谷歌的8.8.8.8和8.8.4.4以及114的114.114.114.114和114.114.115.115都属于这一类DNS。你本地电脑上设置的DNS就是这类DNS。3.转发DNS:负责接受用户查询,并返回结果给用户。但这个结果不是按标准的域名解析过程得到的,而是直接把递归DNS的结果转发给用户。它也具备缓存功能。他主要使用在没有直接的互联网连接,但可以连接到一个递归DNS那里,这时使用转发DNS就比较合适。其缺陷是:直接受递归DNS的影响,服务品质较差。比如我们用的路由器里面的DNS就是这一类,用路由器的朋友可以看下本地电脑的DNS一般都是192.168.1.1。

      权威DNS #递归DNS #转发DNS #DNS

      DNS 有几种类型

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    1. bash $ host -t txt wd.ip.wtf wd.ip.wtf descriptive text "Welcome to Wordle over DNS! Today's puzzle is #1: <guess>.1.wd.ip.wtf" wd.ip.wtf descriptive text "This shell function makes it easier to play" "wd() { dig +short txt $1.1.wd.ip.wtf | perl -pe's/\\\([0-9]{1,3})/chr$1/eg'; }"

      bash $ wd() { dig +short txt $1.example.wd.ip.wtf | perl -pe's/\\\([0-9]{1,3})/chr$1/eg'; } $ wd crane "⬜⬜🟨🟨🟨" $ wd reads "⬜🟨🟨⬜🟩" $ wd sense "🟨🟨🟨⬜⬜" $ wd names "🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩"

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    1. The point of DoH is to bypass any other DNS or censorship further down the line.If you want to use DoH AND your hosts file then you need to use DoH as your OS's DNS so it is after the hosts file.


    1. And the latter (DHCP server) is great because it means that all machines connecting to your router will now have their DNS requests routed through your Pi-Hole.
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    1. This means that the request had pass to the external network but did not come back...

      Good to know to check if it works well on proxy in this way: Run below command in one terminal: sudo tcpdump -n -i en0 host

      And run below command in another terminal: dig @ www.google.com

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    1. If you're already an admin for the zone in question, then the proper way to get that information is to log on to the DNS server or DNS control console and read it right from there. If you're not an admin for the zone, you're not supposed to have that information. Note that the person you are talking to on the phone is almost certainly not a DNS zone admin, so they also should not have that information. If they somehow did have it, they definitely shouldn't give it out over the phone. This is for your protection.
    2. DNS zone information is sensitive. Many years ago it was possible for anyone to query a DNS server and literally get back all the records at once, but that was a security issue. Now you have to be an admin for the zone to get that info.
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    1. CNAME A <domain-name> which specifies the canonical or primary name for the owner. The owner name is an alias.

      The second sentence ruins understanding this definition for me. Does this mean that CNAME is basically an alias, but it is the highest priority one (hence the designation "primary")?

    1. My next move will be to further lower my visibility to 3rd party tracking with a combination of pi-hole caching DNS blocker and wireguard VPN .
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    1. Authors of third-party tools should prefix each label key with the reverse DNS notation of a domain they own, such as com.example.some-label.
    1. With a single source IP address it's possible to quickly determine the type of devices on their network, and the social networks they frequent – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Soichat.com, TikTok, Line (a chat application), among many other domains.
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    1. To add insult to injury I learn that when Cloudflare automatically detects an anomaly with your domain they permanently delete all DNS records. Mine won't be difficult to restore, but I'm not sure why this is necessary. Surely it would be possible for Cloudflare to mark a domain as disabled without irrevocably deleting it? Combined with the hacky audit log, I'm left with the opinion that for some reason Cloudflare decided to completely half-ass the part of their system that is responsible for deleting everything that matters to a user.

      ...and this is why some companies should not grow to become too big for the good of their customers.

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    1. enter a forward to http://www.mydomain.com in the "Forward My Domain" section of the Domain Details tab, rather than setting up something in the Forwards tab