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  1. May 2024
    1. Der Bezos Earth Fund wird bis zum Ende des Jahrzehnts 10 Milliarden Dollar für den Kampf gegen die Klima und die Biodiversitätskrise zur Verfügung stellen. Die Mittel des Fonds geben ihm enormen Einfluss. Viele in der NGOs Szene sehen die Politik des Fonds als Gefährdung für die Unabhängigkeit der von ihm geförderten Organisationen. Der Guardian berichtet anlässlich einer Preisverleihung kritisch vor allem über das Engagement des Fonds für CO2 Kompensationen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/article/2024/may/20/jeff-bezos-earth-fund-carbon-offsets-climate-sector-uneasy-aoe

  2. Jan 2024
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  4. Aug 2023
    1. what are we gonna do with all these boundaries once this is their set right 01:43:58 what I always say that this esps really need to be linked to actors if they are going to have any bearing in real world and to guide the practice so we can do that by cross-scale 01:44:11 translation try to bring down this you know planetary level kind of our boundaries into actors cities and businesses in particular so when we talk about this cross-scale translation what we are talking about is if the boundary 01:44:24 is transgressed then what we are talking about is how do you allocate the responsibilities equal um equitably
      • for: downscaled planetary boundaries, bend the curve, allocate responsibilities, fair share, science-based targets
      • key insight
        • downscaling to city scale and to business actdors
        • based on Science based targets
  5. Jul 2023
    1. with the Earth commission has taken up all this science a first attempt of being a kind of a community effort 00:14:53 scientifically to really give businesses and cities in the world quantitative boundaries to work with to operationalize as science-based targets
      • for: downscaled planetary boundaries, earth system boundaries, bend the curve
  6. Jun 2023
  7. Apr 2023
    1. at the targeted level

      This is quite important. Success is achieving the goal. If the goal is unattainable, then so is success.This is how we set students up for failure.

  8. Mar 2023
    1. Yet few cities and companies currently have such targets.
      • Paraphrase
      • Few cities currently have science-based targets (SBT)
      • Only 22 of 500 top greenhouse gas emitting companies set targets in line with SBT (Bloomberg Terminal)
      • Only 110 of the top 200 cities with the highest emissions had "net zero" pledges aligned with Paris Agreement.
      • Numbers are lower or missing for biodversity or other ESBs.
      • Comment
      • Setting such SBTs for cities is in effect downscaling Planetary Boundaries.
  9. Dec 2022
    1. the Earth Commission's report will be used to underpin the development of science-based targets for business and cities by SBTN.

      !- relationship between : Earth Commission and Science-Based Targets Network (SBTN) - Earth Commission results will be used to develop Science-Based targets - for businesses and cities

    2. We distinguish between scientific Earth system targets, targets at the global or near-global scale that are generated primarily by scientific inquiry but may be informed by societal judgments about risks (Pickering & Persson, 2020), and science-based targets, targets for actors that are aligned with scientific evidence but which may involve negotiations based on responsibility and feasibility (Andersen et al., 2020).

      !- comparison : scientific earth system targets vs science-based targets

  10. Oct 2021
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjZAdPX6ek0

      Osculatory targets or plaques were created on pages to give priests

      Most modern people don't touch or kiss their books this way and we're often taught not to touch or write in our texts. Digital screen culture is giving us a new tactile touching with our digital texts that we haven't had since the time of the manuscript.

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    1. When compiling assets with Sprockets, Sprockets needs to decide which top-level targets to compile, usually application.css, application.js, and images.
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  21. publications.parliament.uk publications.parliament.uk
    1. Reviewing and revising plans: interim targets(1) On the first review of the first environmental improvement plan, the Secretaryof State must revise the plan so as to—(a) set at least one interim target in respect of each relevant matter, and(b) secure that there is at all times, until the end of the 5 year periodbeginning with the relevant date, an interim target set by the plan inrespect of each relevant matter

      so actually, the first of the annual EIP review sets one milestone re headline targets? Very unclear here if an interim target aims to be a target to achieve within that 5 year EIP period

    2. (2) In considering the matters in subsection (1)(b) the Secretary of State mustconsider the progress that has been made towards meeting—(a) any targets set under sections 1 and 2, and(b) any interim targets set under sections 10 and 13.(3) In considering the matters in subsection (1)(c) the Secretary of State mustconsider whether Her Majesty’s Government should take further or differentsteps (compared to those set out in the old plan) towards meeting any targetsset under sections 1 and 2

      Surely 3 should cover interim targets too?

    3. 3 Renewing plans: interim targets(1) A new plan prepared by the Secretary of State under section 12 must—(a) set at least one interim target in respect of each relevant matter, and(b) secure that there is at all times, until the end of the 5 year periodbeginning with the relevant date, an interim target set by the plan inrespect of each relevant matter.(2) A “relevant matter” means any matter in respect of which there is a targetunder section 1 or 2.

      dubious as limiting no. of targets under 1&2 hugely limits this bit

    4. Before setting or revising an interim target in respect of a matter the Secretaryof State must be satisfied that meeting the target, or the revised target, wouldmake an appropriate contribution towards meeting the target under section 1or 2 in respect of that matter

      SoS only authority on appropriateness of targets?

    5. (3) The significant improvement test is met if meeting—(a) the targets set under sections 1 and 2, and(b) any other environmental targets which meet the conditions insubsection (8) and which the Secretary of State considers it appropriateto take into account,would significantly improve the natural environment in England.(4) Having carried out the review the Secretary of State must lay beforeParliament, and publish, a report stating—(a) whether the Secretary of State considers that the significantimprovement test is met, and(b) if the Secretary of State considers that the test is not met, the steps theSecretary of State intends to take in relation to the powers in section 1and 2 to ensure that it is met.(5) The first review must be completed by 31 January 2023.

      This seems to suggest that the reviews will be ensuring targets are appropriately ambitious rather than if the ambition is being appropriately delivered

    6. Regulations under section 1 or 2 are subject to the affirmative procedure

      Target settings SIs to be affirmative

    7. (3) The Secretary of State may make regulations under section 1 or 2 which revokeor lower a target (the “existing target”) only if satisfied that


    8. Environmental targets: particulate matter

      Air specific additional PM target

    9. must exercise the power in subsection (1) so as to set along-term target in respect of at least one matter within each priority area

      only 'must' is one per (limited) area - also no req for targets by certain date?

    10. “long-term” target if the specified date is no less than 15 years after

      is this LT enough/too LT?

    11. A target set under this section must specify—(a) a standard to be achieved, which must be capable of being objectivelymeasured, and(b) a date by which it is to be achieved

      Monitoring and milestones

    12. Environmental targets

      Weak targets clause

  22. Mar 2019