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  1. Feb 2021
    1. demilitarization and peace
    2. heroic struggle for the globalization of liberal freedoms
    3. military hegemony as moral hegemony
    4. yellow peril
    5. model minority
    6. a permanently abjected enemy whose depravity eclipses and necessitates the domestic and international brutalities of the U.S. world order
    7. emergence of the contemporary liberal republic in South Korea (itself the imperfect achievement of decades of protracted working-class struggle) is retroactively presented as proof of how the U.S. “saved” Korea
    8. “just war.”
    9. “forgotten war,”
    10. narratives of the pandemic
    11. paragon of technocratic governance, a liberal-democratic foil in villainizing narratives of China, and a stage for classic Orientalist bloviations on Eastern collectivity and automatism versus Western individualism and indomitability
  2. Nov 2020
  3. Nov 2018
    1. But hey, we're not running Windows 95 anymore! The current branch of windows is based on Windows NT, not Win95. But Windows NT wanted compatibility with DOS/Windows programs. And XP merged the two lines. So these special files still work, FORTY FOUR FUCKING YEARS LATER

      special files today 44 years later--backwards compatibility

  4. Aug 2018
  5. edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com edu522.networkedlearningcollaborative.com
    1. Incessentaly correcting graamer

      This may be my favorite line of the entire code of conduct! I'm doing my best to resist....

  6. Apr 2018
  7. Feb 2018
    1. Although the degree of organization may vary from one gang to another, each member typically has a certain status in the gang (i.e., leader, look out, dealer, O.G.) and is obligated to fulfill the role expectations attached to each status.
  8. Jul 2017