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  1. Feb 2019
    1. have enough agency to find that support elsewhere

      Why can't the university, with all its supposed resources, support PLN development among its faculty and staff?

    2. So much of faculty development is one-size-fits-all andarranged according to preset schedules and locations - and by doing so, will consist-ently fail to meet the needs of those whose interests are marginal or different from themajority. Moreover, the understanding of“network”in the institutional sense fails toaccount for the individual level of the Personal Learning Network (PLN) where educa-tors can build connections and relationships that advance their ongoing learning out-side of institutional structures and boundaries

      One-size-fits-all is the perennial challenge of PD (professional development, faculty development)—the demand that faculty as learners must conform to the instruction, rather than bringing their full selves. There have been days, weeks, and even semesters when I felt marginalized (even as campus entities insisted that I wasn’t). The only way through this was the PLN (“my” PLN) that welcomed my whole self into another type of PD.

  2. Nov 2018
  3. Jun 2018
    1. or at least they pretend

      I don't think we're pretending. I know I'm not!

    2. PLN

      personal learning network

      perhaps marking it up with <abbr> tags would be useful here?

  4. Apr 2016
    1. Why Students Should Blog in Public
    2. capital

      And something that students can't "buy" from any university.

    3. faculty can use their personal learning networks to connect students with relevant learning opportunities such as events, programs, internships, people, and resources, thereby supporting the ongoing development of students’ personalized, interest-driven learning.

      Love this.

    4. A PLN is a self-directed system meant to support lifelong learning through the development, maintenance, and leveraging of digital networks.
  5. Jan 2016
  6. Oct 2015
    1. And it’s about getting back to the idea that our Personal Learning Network isn’t just our twitter followers, but is an effort to connect work together not just people. And maybe to understand the process of connecting and building and extending the work of others is as human and engaging as the conversational Stream.

      Personal Learning Network - not just about people

  7. Sep 2015
    1. Bennett Merriman, young entrepreneur and director of a workforce management company, told a recent higher education conference that connectivity in our work place is important. He recommended that students should spend time developing their networks throughout their studies.
  8. Aug 2015
    1. Acquaintances, as compared to close friends, are more prone to move in different circles than oneself. Those to whom one is closest are likely to have the greatest overlap in contact with those one already knows, so that the information to which they are privy is likely to be much the same as that which one already has

      Love this. Weak ties foster diversity of people and thought in one's network.