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      In the document "1.2: Creative Commons Today", under the section "Creative Commons: The Movement", I suggest to add, along with other open movements, a mention to Free and Open Source Hardware. The Wikipedia article "Open-source hardware" (CC BY-SA) is quite complete: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_hardware

      Open Harware is a really relevant movement, with includes fantastic projects like RepRap, DIY Book Scanner, and others. And it is fully aligned with the values of Creative Commons and free culture.

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    1. We attend to the how of research by thinking-with various walking projects from WalkingLab (www.walkinglab.org) and beyond. We use the idea of the walk score as a catalyst for movement. Influenced by the tradition of Fluxus event score

      These ideas harken back to Guy Debord's "derives" and other artistic "happenings"--also 60s era movements. What's up with the back to the past thing? Also, I checked out the WalkingLab.org website and found the projects, events, and publications interesting. It all feels overly ableist to me, but I didn't delve deeply.

  6. Dec 2018
    1. movements, among other things, are attempts to intervene in the public sphere through collective, coordinated action. A social movement is both a type of (counter)public itself and a claim made to a public that a wrong should be righted or a change should be made.13 Regardless of whether movements are attempt-ing to change people’s minds, a set of policies, or even a government, they strive to reach and intervene in public life, which is centered on the public sphere of their time.

      a solid definition of what a movement is

  7. Nov 2018
    1. Digital connectivity reshapes how movements connect, organize, and evolve during their lifespan.
    2. My goal in this book was above all to develop theories and to present a conceptual analysis of what digital technologies mean for how social move-ments, power and society interact, rather than provide a complete empirical descriptive account of any one movement.
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