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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Teaching digital literacy does not mean teaching digital skills in a vacuum, but doing so in an authentic context that makes sense to students. It means teaching progressively rather than sequentially, which helps learners understand better and more clearly over time

      Teachers need to make content more meaningful to students. If students are able to link classroom content to real world learning it gives students a better understanding.


    1. Acquisition of content is a means, in the service of meaning making and transfer.

      Teachers need to make content meaningful and relatable so they see the big picture in the end.

  2. Jan 2014
    1. Several recent articles point out the importance of saying “thank you” and giving specific praise to employees when earned in genuine, honest, and heartfelt ways. Mark Gaston’s blog on How to Give a Meaningful Thank-you is full of great advice such as sharing with employees how their contributions had personal significance for the leader and team.

      I am glad I took the time to read "How to Give a Meaningful Thank-you"; the article resonates deeply with me. I feel good that I actively engage in those meaningful thank-yous with people, but I also see where and how I can do that more, too.