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  1. Oct 2023
    1. The herbivore-daisy relationship is an example of a predator-prey relationship, and these relationships are known to oscillate in population quite a bit
      • for: predator / prey oscillation

      • paraphrase

        • As the predator eat a lot of the prey,
          • they increase in number while
          • the prey numbers go down.
        • Then when there are not enough prey to feed all the predators,
          • the predator number goes down too.
        • With less predators
          • the prey numbers go up.
        • As prey numbers goes up,
          • predator numbers can go up again.
      • These population dynamics are expressed in the Lotka-Volterra equations
        • What is curious here is that the oscillation in population doesn’t translate into more oscillation of the climate,
        • instead it can translate into more stability of the climate
  2. Dec 2022
    1. They didn't block new features for shits and giggles, though – the method to this madness was rent-extraction. The iron-clad rule of the Bell System was that anything that improved on the basic service had to have a price-tag attached. Every phone "feature" was a recurring source of monthly revenue for the phone company – even the phone itself, which you couldn't buy, and had to rent, month after month, year after year, until you'd paid for it hundreds of times over. This is an early and important example of "predatory inclusion": the monopoly carriers delivered universal service to all of us, but that was a prelude to an ugly, parasitic, rent-seeking way of doing business:

      Predatory inclusion is a form of rent-seeking in which one preys on customers using monopoly power to extract excessive value for small add-on services.

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    1. global biomass of largepredatory fish targeted by fisheries has fallenby two-thirds over the past 100 years (53)

      biomass of large predatory fallen 66% over last 100 years

  6. Mar 2021
    1. dubious journals

      dalam artikel tersebut yang dievaluasi dan hasilnya adalah dubious jurnal adalah jurnal yang telah masuk ke daftar scopus. jadi kalimat tersebut bukan berarti bahwa Indonesia adalah negara yang paling banyak menerbitkan jurnal nasional (terbitan Indonesia) yang meragukan (*dubious*). Namun demikian percakapan tentang predatory/dubious journal ini terus berkembang. Yang paling baru terbit adalah artikel ini dari Juneman Abraham (Binus),

  7. Jan 2021
    1. For example, the notion of the workplace as a family is a refrain in offices but it is most explicit for nannies.

      Too often corporations use the idea that the workplace is a "family", but when times get tough, we don't abandon our families the same way that corporations will summarily fire their employees to try to survive themselves without any real thought about their supposed "family members".

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    1. Rather than viewing predatory publishers as a disease in themselves, I suggest we should regard them instead as a symptom of malaise within the academic research establishment

      Hear hear.