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  1. Nov 2022
  2. Jun 2022
    1. There are too many people giving this 7+ stars and even 10 stars (unusual to see on IMDb) to believe the legitimacy of the number of 1-star "worst movie ever" reviews. Such paradox is simply difficult to accept as valid.
    2. I almost didn't watch this movie due to the repetitive negative reviews here on IMDb. Usually I find reviews here fairly spot-on. But in this case I am convinced we are living in a generation of viewers who have been raised on so much schlock, sex, violence, blood and foul language that they wouldn't recognize a prime movie if it whacked them with a hammer. Either that or we have a set of the most bogus witch-hunt reviews ever.
    3. Please, feel free to consider the negative reviews as suspect (at the very least)-- and give this film a try. The best and most valid review is your own.
  3. Mar 2022
    1. Grids like these are user-hostile—a clear choice to prioritize aesthetics over experience. In order to see what any given app does, I have to either:

      1. Figure it out by the name alone
      2. Click each one to fetch the relevant info (and wait for it to load)
      3. Mouse over each item to read the title text
  4. Jun 2021
    1. What finally led me to write this review was that I recently received an offer containing 2 $20.00 gift cards to write a 5 star review. I wonder now if I had been duped by the reviews I read
    2.  I do not advise. I still do not understand where there are so many good reviews for this product. This vacuum cleaner is literally bursting at the seams.
    3. Soliciting five star reviews earns a one star.
  5. May 2021
  6. Mar 2021
    1. dubious journals

      dalam artikel tersebut yang dievaluasi dan hasilnya adalah dubious jurnal adalah jurnal yang telah masuk ke daftar scopus. jadi kalimat tersebut bukan berarti bahwa Indonesia adalah negara yang paling banyak menerbitkan jurnal nasional (terbitan Indonesia) yang meragukan (*dubious*). Namun demikian percakapan tentang predatory/dubious journal ini terus berkembang. Yang paling baru terbit adalah artikel ini dari Juneman Abraham (Binus),

  7. Jun 2020
  8. Apr 2018
    1. On the surface, a federal balanced budget amendment (BBA) sounds like a reasonable idea. In reality though, it is horrible public policy that will hurt American families, sabotage our nation’s economy, and weaken confidence in our Constitution.

      strong language without direct evidence.