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  1. Dec 2018
    1. Noguidance was given to the participants regarding what topography or function of behavior to choose, nor which client tochoose. The BIPs that were submitted included a wide range of behavior topographies and functions, as depicted inTables 2 and 3. The ages of the clients ranged significantly, but were roughly equivalent across the two groups, witha mean age of 8.75 years (range = 3–19) in the treatment group and a mean age of 7.75 years (range = 4–10) in thecontrol group. It seems reasonable that due to reactivity, participants would choose to send a BIP that they believedwas good-quality, however, this reactivity was likely to be equally distributed across groups. Each BIP was then scoredas the pre-test data for that participant. For participants in the control group, the participant was then asked to updatetheir BIP however they see fit over the next 24 h and resubmit it. For participants in the BIP builder group, they wereasked to update their BIP using the BIP builder within the next 24 h. No further instructions were given to theparticipants.
  2. Sep 2018
    1. Acción Sin Daño. Se garantiza la aplicación del enfoque de Acción sin Daño, al momento de dictar la respectiva sentencia, debiéndose tener en cuenta los efectos gravosos o un impacto negativo a terceros de buena fe que hacen parte o no del proceso.

      Si se habla de ASD, debería ser mucho más profundo

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  4. Apr 2016
    1. Kathryn deBros,

      I followed this link to her page and learned that she writes a good deal and has some fantastic references she draws on and that you might draw on in this project. Follow articles with tags on the home page of her noodle and scroll down to sources for more (if you're looking).

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