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  1. Nov 2020
  2. Aug 2020
  3. Apr 2020
    1. The term "ad hoc" in this context is not intended to be pejorative; it refers simply to the fact that this type of polymorphism is not a fundamental feature of the type system.
  4. Nov 2019
    1. The most common signature for HOCs looks like this: // React Redux's `connect` const ConnectedComment = connect(commentSelector, commentActions)(CommentList); What?! If you break it apart, it’s easier to see what’s going on. // connect is a function that returns another function const enhance = connect(commentListSelector, commentListActions); // The returned function is a HOC, which returns a component that is connected // to the Redux store const ConnectedComment = enhance(CommentList); In other words, connect is a higher-order function that returns a higher-order component!

      probably a common and useful example that is used with Redux

  5. Jul 2019
    1. Academia is not only good for educational (learning/teaching) purpose. Research is also good to humanity and does improve the quality of life.

  6. May 2019
    1. Multiple comparisons: It is not good practice to test for significant differences among pairs of group means unless the ANOVA suggests some such differences exist. Nevertheless, I admit it is tempting to take another look at the comparison of G1 with G3 (ignoring the existence of G2 and perhaps assuming normality), but then you should use a Welch t test to account for the differences in sample variances, and you should not make claims about the result unless the P-value is as low as .01 or .02. Looking at that difference more carefully might prompt a subsequent experiment.

      Test for significance among pairs when the overall f test is not significant.

  7. Aug 2016
    1. GPU and CUDA

      Rất gần deep learning - học sâu từ dữ liệu lớn giống người học giỏi nhờ có nhiều sách, đi học thêm v.v.

  8. Jul 2016
    1. vẫn thấy trường mình là đại học tốt nhất cả nước về Khoa học Máy tính cần tận dụng triệt để môi trường mình đang có. Vẫn có người, thậm chí cùng phòng mình, đi được Mỹ.

    2. DỮ LIỆU

      học từ nó: science hay learning from data

    3. TS. Lê Hồng Phương
    4. PGS.TS. Nguyễn Lê Minh

      lẽ ra nên để thầy đồng hướng dẫn, ít ra đã tốt nghiệp dù là NLP chưa bao giờ nằm trong sự quan tâm, nhiều khi cần chịu đựng làm việc mình k thích lắm để được làm điều mình thích nhất sau này

    5. - TS. Phan Xuân Hiếu

      được thầy miễn học phí!

  9. Jan 2016
    1. Nothing would have changed

      This is always a retrospective view. Always worry about the post hoc view that this represents. Perhaps the change was inevitable given the set of initial conditions the classroom represented at this point in time. Perhaps we need the hard rock problem that the status quo ante bellum represents. Perhaps it is just one narrative of many that are equal to more compelling.

  10. Jan 2014
    1. Adding descriptive metadata to datasets helps makes the dataset more accessible by others and into the future. Respondents were asked to indicate all metadata standards they currently use to describe their data. More than half of the respondents (56%) reported that they did not use any metadata standard and about 22% of respondents indicated they used their own lab metadata standard. This could be interpreted that over 78% of survey respondents either use no metadata or a local home grown metadata approach.

      Not surprising that roughly 80% use no or ad hoc metadata.