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  1. Nov 2017
    1. I decided I had to scrub down my kitchen to figure out where the fruit flies were breeding

      Those damn fruit flies!

  2. Sep 2017
      1. Talking about these lands as depopulated — size comparisons downplay population
      2. Uplifting Disney music. Contrasting the old with the "modern" new 3. Rural natives — "Cling to their primitive ways" within the "confines of their small world"
      3. Audience: Americans, middle-class men 5. Primary consumers of videos like this: middle-class, business-men in the United States. Looking to invest in businesses in Central America. Sex tourism is also huge.
      4. Gender — Showing a lot of women, exotic. Don't see men represented because your audience is male.
  3. Dec 2015
  4. Sep 2015
    1. Of course, the story of fruit in Latin America is also the story of exploitation. To many Brazilians of the time, Carmen Miranda's empty lyrics and her massive fruit headdress was an offensive symbol of the way foreigners perceived Latin American women: as objects to be consumed and discarded like a piece of fruit.

      The connection of fruit to art in Latin America can be traced through music (e.g. the song Buscando Guayaba, the elaborate headdresses of Carmen Miranda) and through literature (e.g. the banana massacre in One Hundred Years of Solitude). Fruit is symbolic of the exploitation of Latin American culture by the West, as papayas, passionfruit, and other produce were shipped across the Atlantic during the Columbian Exchange.