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    1. Milena Büchs, Professor of Sustainable Welfare at the University of Leeds
      • lead researcher
        • Milena Büchs,
      • Position
        • Professor of Sustainable Welfare
      • Institution
        • University of Leeds
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    1. Lead Sheet—“Confirmation”
    2. n order to become a successful jazz musician, one has to learn how to read, interpret,and modify lead sheets. Improvising from a lead sheet is a unique performance skill thatjazz musicians cultivate on a daily basis and perfect over a long period of time. Comparableto other shorthand notations from classical music, such as figured bass, tablature,partimento, or others, lead-sheet notation contains just enough essential information tocreate a complete performance
    3. Lead-sheet notation, also known as popular-music notation, is by far the most widespreadnotational convention used by jazz musicians. It comes in a variety of forms that arisefrom its murky origins and subsequent vague implementations. There are many alternatenotational systems in use, which for better or worse every jazz musician needs to getfamiliar with for purely practical, “bandstand” reasons. Here, we will only use chordsymbols that are commonly found in published and respected fake books. Lead-sheetnotation is very specific in showing what the chord is: it indicates the letter name, theexact number and types of extensions occurring within a chord, chordal inversions, orcomplex polychordal formations. A chord symbol, then, provides a quick insight into thechord’s pitch content. As such, it can be easily transmitted into a voicing that capturesthe essence of that symbol. The downside of this labeling is the lack of contextualconsiderations, especially in regard to the underlying tonality. As a tonally “uninterpreted”notation, we are not quite sure, for instance, how chords relate to one another, how theirbehavior conveys the underlying tonality, and what the overall tonal logic of differentchord successions may be.In this book, upper-case letter names will be used to indicate major-type chords. For minor-type chords a “min” extension following an upper-case letter name will be used. The lead-sheet symbols from Figure 3.6 also employ slash notation; this specifies a chord typewith the lowest sounding pitch separated by a diagonal slash. An upper-case letter nameto the right of the diagonal indicates the chordal root. The letter name to the left of thediagonal shows a specific chord type.
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    1. Throughout this piece Oppenheimer provides examples of notes he wrote which eventually made it into his written output in their entirety.

      This has generally been uncommon in the literature, but is a great form of pedagogy. It's subtle, but it makes his examples and advice much stronger than others who write these sorts of essays.

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    1. Benjy Renton. (2021, November 16). New data update: Drawing from 23 states reporting data, 5.3% of kids ages 5-11 in these states have received their first dose. Vermont leads these states so far in vaccination rates for this age group—17%. The CDC will begin to report data for this group late this week. Https://t.co/LMJXl6lo6Z [Tweet]. @bhrenton. https://twitter.com/bhrenton/status/1460638150322180098

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    1. Seeing examples of outstanding work motivates students by givingthem a vision of the possible. How can we expect students to produce first-ratework, he asks, when they have no idea what first-rate work looks like?

      Showing students examples of work and processes that they can imitate will fuel their imaginations and capabilities rather than stifle them.

    2. three steps required to solve the all-importantcorrespondence problem. Step one, according to Shenkar: specify one’s ownproblem and identify an analogous problem that has been solved successfully.Step two: rigorously analyze why the solution is successful. Jobs and hisengineers at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, immediately got towork deconstructing the marvels they’d seen at the Xerox facility. Soon theywere on to the third and most challenging step: identify how one’s owncircumstances differ, then figure out how to adapt the original solution to thenew setting.

      Oded Shenkar's three step process for effective problem solving using imitation: - Step 1. Specify your problem and identify an analogous problem that has been successfully solved. - Step 2. Analyze why the solution was successful. - Step 3. Identify how your problem and circumstances differ from the example problem and figure out how to best and most appropriately adapt the original solution to the new context.

      The last step may be the most difficult.

      The IndieWeb broadly uses the idea of imitation to work on and solve a variety of different web design problems. By focusing on imitation they dramatically decrease the work and effort involved in building a website. The work involved in creating new innovative solutions even in their space has been much harder, but there, they imitate others in breaking the problems down into the smallest constituent parts and getting things working there.

      Link this to the idea of "leading by example".

      Link to "reinventing the wheel" -- the difficulty of innovation can be more clearly seen in the process of people reinventing the wheel for themselves when they might have simply imitated a more refined idea. Searching the state space of potential solutions can be an arduous task.

      Link to "paving cow paths", which is a part of formalizing or crystalizing pre-tested solutions.

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    1. which by Geber is called white lead, who teachethteaches allsoalso, which way SaturneSaturn may by washing with Mercury be converted into Jupiter

      This seems to be directly related to the epigram. More specifically where the epigrams states that "The livid Spots of Saturn's face correct, And make as white as Snow: when this is done." This seems to describe a process where Mercury is transformed through a process with some element related to Saturn

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    1. GLOBE, Ariz. — In most parts of the country, getting a coronavirus vaccine can feel like trying to win the lottery, scouring the internet for appointments under complex eligibility standards that vary from state to state, and even county to county.In Kentucky and Indiana, anyone over 60 can get vaccinated but you have to be 65 or 70 most everywhere else. About 18 states are offering shots to grocery workers, and 32 are vaccinating teachers. Cancer or heart problems? It depends on where you live.Then there is Gila County, Ariz., where any resident over the age of 18 can walk into a clinic without an appointment right now and get a vaccine.

      Lead - Anecdote

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    1. Lead Time for Work Items: The lead time graph shows how much time developers spend working on something before it is released. The graph caught the attention of the product management because, when translated to a business context, the increased lead times mean a longer time to market. The variability in lead times (the shaded, green area in the graph) was also a concern since it indicates low predictability during development or inappropriately scoped work items, often both.

      [[lead time]] - how long developers spend working on something before it's released. What this means to [[product management]] is that it will take longer to get to market.

      If there is [[variability in [[lead time]]]] - it can be a sign of challenges with scoping work, and and unpredictability during development.

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    1. But it's easy to imagine that the caption was incorrect for too long because those who know the language, know where the mistake is, and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it.

      those who know the language, know where the mistake is, In other words, they can easily spot the mistake and no better than to repeat it themselves, but either are powerless or too lazy to actually fix it on SE.

      and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it. So those who should no better are inadvertently perpetuating the mistake and teaching others that it is an acceptable/correct usage.

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    1. Lead isotopes are the end products of each of the three series of naturally occurring radioactive elements.

      lead is radioactive, so when you touch it, it can effect your body.

    1. Keep work areas clean. Do not use compressed air to remove lead dust.

      when you use compressed air to remove lead dust, can blow the lead into the air, causing people to breath it in.

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    1. Mira de un vistazo el estado de tus leads con indicadores visuales inmediatos que muestran tu próxima actividad. Sabe exactamente en qué leads necesitas trabajar, cuáles están vencidos y cuál es el siguiente paso para cerrar.

    1. Personaliza tu pipeline para que coincida con tu proceso de ventas y veas cuántos leads tienes en cada paso. Rastrea, prioriza y administra oportunidades con los indicadores de actividad visual.

      Personaliza tu pipeline para que coincida con tu proceso de ventas y veas cuántos leads tienes en cada paso. Rastrea, prioriza y administra leads con los indicadores de actividad visual.

    2. With accurate tracking and reporting, you can view your team's sales KPIs at an individual and collective level. Determine challenges and drivers in your sales process to give your team actionable insights and improve performance.

      Con un seguimiento e informes precisos, puedes ver los KPI de ventas de tu equipo a nivel individual y de equipo. Determina los objetivos y los impulsores en tu proceso de ventas para brindar a tu equipo información procesable y mejorar el rendimiento.

    3. Desarrolle su proceso de ventas

      Desarrolla e impulsa tu proceso de ventas

    4. Los vendedores obtienen claridad sobre qué leads necesitan para centrarse, cuál es la siguiente acción y cuándo generar nuevos leads. Mientras que los gerentes obtienen una vista de alto nivel del rendimiento del equipo y las oportunidades de negocio ordenadas por la fecha de cierre esperada y los ingresos entrantes previstos.

      Los vendedores saben en qué leads necesitan centrarse, cuál es la siguiente acción y cuándo generar nuevos leads. Mientras que los gerentes obtienen una vista de alto nivel del rendimiento del equipo y los leads ordenados por la fecha de cierre esperada y los ingresos entrantes previstos.

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    1. Consider also the symbolic dimension of lead time (Hall 1959, p. 17). Essentially defining themselves as less accessible, the powerful and eminent usually also demand longer advance notice when being approached, occasionally making others wait longer before they can reach them for the mere sake of displaying the r

      How does the idea of "lead time" square with Mazmanian et al's paper on time as a commodity imbued with power?

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    1. Charney states that "an effective lead is a 'brief, sharp statement of the story's essential facts.'"[10][full citation needed][clarification needed] The lead is usually the first sentence, or in some cases the first two sentences, and is ideally 20–25 words in length. A lead must balance the ideal of maximum information conveyed with the constraint of the unreadability of a long sentence. This makes writing a lead an optimization problem, in which the goal is to articulate the most encompassing and interesting statement that a writer can make in one sentence, given the material with which he or she has to work. While a rule of thumb says the lead should answer most or all of the five Ws, few leads can fit all of these.
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