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  1. Feb 2018
  2. May 2016
    1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

      This worked well for me with a Dell Vostro 3550 and Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 virtualised inside VirtualBox (Version 5.0.16 r105871). When you run this command, the shell will present the configurator and the choices this user recommends are valid mostly. By contrast, I chose the Dell SK-8125 as a reasonably close match to the Vostro 3550. I also set the left Alt key to function as the AltGr key and this solved the problem. Now, if I want to type the pipe ( | ) character, I use the key combination


      This is not the most intuitive solution; but it works!

  3. Mar 2016
    1. I know a large number of people in that category, in my own experience, who ...opted out because they didn’t want to play. They didn’t want to play the kind ofgames that have to be played to be successful, and in bringing in money and gettingthe papers out. There’s so much more than just doing good science that comes intoit. There’s so much communication and there’s salesmanship that has to go on

      On the negative impact competition has on career choice

  4. Feb 2014
    1. 1. We should have some ways of connecting programs like garden hose--screw in another segment when it becomes when it becomes necessary to massage data in another way. This is the way of IO also.
    2. Point 1 is the interesting one. It provides the historical background for Doug's encouragement of the Unix pipe notation. The linked paper gives appropriate credit; in interviews, Doug has been explicit in saying that he very nearly exercised managerial control to get pipes installed.