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    1. For the past couple of years in particular however, I’ve stopped using Webpack to develop them, opting instead to use Rollup as my primary bundler for apps.
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    1. you will find better treatise for all individual topics covered; for example:- What we understand about the brain is essentially covered by Tim Urban in his article "Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future" in, I might add, more entertaining manner. Alternatively, for a much more in-depth look, look at the book "Principles of Neural Design"- The short time Oliveira spends on superintelligence is better covered by Bostrom in his book "Superintelligence", which Oliveira references- What an algorithm is and what can be computed is better covered by "What algorithms want"- The "common sense" aspect of AI is better covered by "Common Sense, the Turing Test and the Quest for Real AI"- On the title promise, how science is "redefining humanity", the Digital Mind is relatively light on, aside from broadly listing topics that we need to think about like ownership and rights. For a (much) further-taken discussion on this, look at Yuval Noah Harari's Homo Deus, for example.
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    1. Here are my tools of choice for testing React apps:react-test-renderer for snapshot unit testingAct API for unit testing React componentsJest for unit and integration testing of JavaScript codeCypress for end to end / ui testing