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  1. Sep 2017
    1. caused severe destruction of brain cells in the part of the brain controlling learning and memory,"

      Severe consequences, no details or additional information that can help make a decision. ed

    2. When it is not lodging itself in brain tissue and actually causing this and other forms of dementia, fluoride appears to worsen brain disease symptoms in patients who have already been diagnosed with dementia

      This sentence presents fluoride as an active opponent of proper health; almost as if fluoride is purposely trying to harm individuals.

    3. Widespread claims by government health authorities that fluoride is completely safe at current exposure levels are false

      Arguing against mainstream thoughts/government structures.

    4. fluoride greatly increases the overall toxic burden of this pervasive metal, rendering it exceptionally more toxic.

      Vague wording that indicates many medical issues, but doesn't actually describe them or give information to combat issue.

    5. major brain damage

      Serious threat, but no real information given.

  2. Sep 2013
    1. He has made his accusation in this manner, thinking that his extravagant assertions about me and my wealth and the great number of my pupils would arouse the envy of all his hearers, while my alleged activities in the law-courts would stir up your anger and hate; and when judges are affected by these very passions, they are most severe upon those who are on trial.

      Isocrates states his opponents tactics and rhetorical choices. It does have me thinking into the future...