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    1. I stamp on your lips my last goodbye!

      It is curious how the author doesn't include his "blonde" until the last verse when it is obvious that his desires wouldn't be complete without her presence until his death.

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    1. owever, it isimportant to distinguish between generic job categories andthe specification of tasks performed; the contributorshipmodel is designed to record each individual’s actual input(e.g., experimental design, data collection, statistical analy-sis, final article revision), not job title (e.g., coprincipalinvestigator, technician, systems analyst), since the lattermay on occasion mask or inflate the former (Stern, 2000).

      Great point about movie credits: they are about job title, not contribution.

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    1. No sooner justice had with valour arm'd

      No sooner justice had with valour arm'd at 1961..2000