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  1. Feb 2018
    1. pro∣fane noisy Nonsense of men, whose Fore-heads are better than their Brains to pass un∣der that Character

      How do you think men reacted to this essay? Do you think they read it at all?

  2. May 2017
    1. berm
      In Alaska specifically, the term berm is used to describe various types of long, low ridge structures constructed from dirt, gravel, snow, or forest vegetation. This term can be interchangeable with berm pile, burn pile, berm row, and snow berm. It is believed that the word berm is of Dutch decent. The term first appeared in written English in the eighteenth century regarding the military construction of “a space of ground from 3 to 8 feet wide, sometimes left between the ditch and the base of the parapet.” In more recent times, the term has used to describe “a narrow shelf, edge, or path typically at the bottom or top of a slope or along a bank” (Tabbert, 1985). These berms can be made of gravel, stone, forest vegetation, dirt, or snow (Society for Science & the Public, 1972)
      In “Reactions of Large Groups of Caribou to a Pipeline Corridor on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska,” Walter T. Smith and Raymond D. Cameron discuss the problems Caribou have with navigating around pipelines and their possible causes. They found that caribou were more successful crossing sections of buried pipeline compare to elevated pipeline. Smith and Cameron speculate that this could be a result of the berm dimensions- height and width (Smith & Cameron, 1985). 


      Smith, W. T., & Cameron, R. D. (1985). Reactions of Large Groups of Caribou to a Pipeline Corridor on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska. Arctic, 53-57.

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  3. Apr 2017
    1. White America has only attended to the body of the earth in order to exploit it, never to succor it or to be nurtured in it. Instead of surreptitiously rip-ping off the vital energy of people of color and putting it to commercial use, whites could allow themselves to share and exchange and learn from us in a respectful way

      What a burn to white America. She is stating here that the white American only ever aims to exploit and never to support. They should instead thrive to learn and live with people of color

  4. Feb 2017
    1. he wanted profundity of thought and power of analysis which Aristotle possessed

      Dang, so flinging insults at the drop of a hat, too. This assertion also, apparently, needs no elaboration.

  5. Nov 2013
    1. Because a definition of any artist which covers more than is included in the rules of his art is superfluous and defective.

      Nothing to excess?