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  1. Feb 2020
    1. what we as Audience want to see ourselves as. Television, from the surface on down, is about desire. Fictionallyspeaking, desire is the sugar in human food.

      Rushkoff, Merchants of Cool



  2. Feb 2017
    1. powerful

      Tends to be a man's tone according to Douglas

    2. a move she resisted

      Like Douglas, she plays this game on the preexisting turf of the white man. I suppose it is easier to infiltrate an organization than to create a new one. Certainly a new church would be separate; but equal?-probably not.

    1. unlawful

      When one breaks legality by educating a child, one must know that society needs to be reforged. I wonder how much this singular incident inspired Douglas to become the historic individual he eventually became.

    2. He condemned Lincoln's suggestions that free and freed African Americans return to Africa and urged Lincoln to issue an emancipation proclamation, which he finally did early in 1863

      An example of how great rhetoric can shift human history. It's crazy to consider what the U. S. could've looked like had there been a mass exodus of African-American people as Lincoln originally advocated for...

  3. Jan 2017
    1. Three or four years later, Engelbart repeated his hypertext-meets-desktop-sharing-meets-video-conferencing demo. In the audience was an MIT prof described by Andries van Dam, another east-coast prof in attendance, as among "the best and the brightest" of the early 1970s computing cognoscenti. According to van Dam, at the end of the presentation, the MIT man raised his hand and said "I don't get it - everything you've shown me today I can do on my ASR-33."

      MIT profs don't see the value in Engelbart's technology.

    1. "Doug's demo was not unlike a flying saucer dropping out of the sky and landing on the White House lawn,Â" Saffo continues. Â"It just electrified this industry because it showed people the potential of computers that they never considered."

      Disruptive potential of inventions.

    1. People say that the 1968 Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco was a watershed. After seeing your demonstration, people left that room never thinking about computers the same way again. Would you say that's an accurate encapsulation?

      Reception of the Mother of All Demos

  4. Nov 2016