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  1. Feb 2019
  2. May 2017
    1. The first limitation is that each partition is physically represented as a directory of one or more segment files. So you will have at least one directory and several files per partition. Depending on your operating system and filesystem this will eventually become painful. However this is a per-node limit and is easily avoided by just adding more total nodes in the cluster.

      total number of topics supported depends on the total number of partitions per topic.

      partition = directory of 1 or more segment files This is a per node limit

  3. Sep 2016
    1. The demolition of homes represents a robbing of identity.
    2. he homeless are faced with a reality others avoid recognizing by divorcing themselves from urban space and by providing themselves with a false impression of control by obtaining material signs of wealth and security

      This idea is similar to Schindler's idea. Although we all are vulnerable, people segregate themselves by wealth and leave city spaces to hid the fact that they are just like the 'homeless' people

    3. The tunnel’snot bad. The tunnel’s a good place if you want to find out who you are. But when you find out who you are, you have to move out or the tunnel will eat you up like it ate me up for several years. Like I say, I built everything up around the tunnel. Now I have to learn to build it around myself.”8

      What do you think he means when he says " Now I have to learn to build [the tunnel] around myself?

  4. May 2016
    1. High unemployment■■Racial discrimination■■Neighborhood violence■■Deportation of undocumented immigrants■■High cost of college attendance■■Juvenile justice

      Funny thing is, one can imagine that students -- at least my students in the Bronx -- would come up with a similar list. They have! But you can't bring it to them. There are shades and subtleties that are important in any group's list of topics. Like my students wanted to explore why people from the Bronx are not treated the same as people from elsewhere.

  5. Feb 2015
    1. inviting and amusing nature of the exhibition, designed to be interactive, entertaining, provocative, and challenging all at the same time

      Challenging/less "popular" topics (i.e. math in this case) benefit from simpler exhibitions that still address the challenge, but make it interactive/entertaining

  6. Nov 2013
    1. ten general topics - -causes, effects, subjects, adjuncts, opposites, comparisons, names, divisions, definitions, wit-nesses

      ten general topics addressed by Aristotle

  7. Sep 2013
    1. being frank discussions about philosophy and expositions of its power.

      Topic of discussion